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Classic Cabinet Renewal – Dallas, TX Cabinet Refinishing
Here at N-Hance we have a lot of services to offer, but our classic renewal service remains our go-to wood renewal option. Avoid major remodeling projects in your kitchen by putting your trust in the professionals at N-Hance wood renewal. The N-Hance process will take your cabinets and floors from a weathered and spotted state to the next level of beauty. Once we’ve been given the opportunity to renew your cabinets and floors, you’ll see that our work stands the test of time, giving your cabinets and floors the durability you’ve been waiting for. Your time is important and that’s why it is our priority to provide a service that’s hassle free to all of our customers.

Color Change – Dallas, TX Cabinet Refinishing
Alright, so you want a little more than just a visual upgrade, you want a brand new color! At N-Hance we support the decision to be bold and we’ll help you every step of the way to pick the finish that truly sets your kitchen apart. New color changes everything and the beauty of your home will radiate the effect for years to come. Make today the day you choose a color change from the professionals at N-Hance. You won’t be sorry when you see the end result and all the money you saved by not remodeling.

Color Shift – Dallas, TX Cabinet Refinishing
Do your cabinets look oily and gross? It might be time for a shift, a color shift that is. We at N-Hance offer a color shift option as a service that warms the tone of your cabinets. This service slightly darkens the wood, removing that washed-out yellow shade that appears in cabinet’s overtime. This method offers you the flexibility of having a different look in your kitchen without the price of a complete color overhaul. Our Dallas, TX cabinet refinishing team will gladly go over more details of this service at your appointment, so shift your color today!

Custom Color Finishes – Dallas, TX Cabinet Refinishing
Speaking of color change, what color and technique would you like your cabinets to be? At N-Hance we give you complete control of your cabinets color destiny. Our Dallas, TX cabinet refinishing service can match your vision and give you the color you want with the unique finishing technique you’ve always wanted. Decide your ideal color and accompany that with one of our four finishing techniques including, glazed, antiqued, burnished, and vintage. Dallas, TX cabinet refinishing is now made easy with hundreds of style options for your benefit, so give the experts at N-Hance a call to revitalize your kitchen.

Cabinet Refacing – Dallas, TX Cabinet Refinishing
It might be your first instinct to give in and replace all of your cabinets, but hold off for just a little longer. Cabinet refinishing at N-Hance is different than most Dallas, TX cabinet refinishing services. N-Hance can even update your cabinet doors to look like new without replacing them. Our cabinet refacing service is both affordable and beneficial to your home’s value. Revitalize your home with this amazing cabinet refacing option, while also adding to the value of your residence at the same time! Put your trust in N-Hance when it comes to your Dallas, TX wood renewal needs.



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