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NHance offers much better results than an Austin cabinet painting

After years of use and exposure, your cabinets no longer have their original beauty. Their once radiant wooden surfaces are now covered with accumulated grime, scratches, and water damage. Their dull, flat, and lifeless look saps the warmth and vitality from your kitchen. An Austin cabinet painting will not restore their beauty. Rather, what you need are NHance’s opaque finishes instead.

NHance’s opaque finishes are the superior choice over any Austin cabinet painting

An Austin cabinet painting does not cost as much as other options upfront. But it is neither efficient nor effective. The process involves a thorough cleansing and sanding of your cabinets’ wooden surfaces. This step will leave behind a huge mess for you to clean up later. After that, the primer and then the appropriate finish paint must be applied in a smooth and even fashion. Any mistakes along the way will ruin the appearance of your cabinets. They might inflict irreparable damage on your cabinets’ wooden surfaces. The results of your paint job won’t last very long. Most paint products break down very quickly in kitchen environments because of the moisture and grease. Finally, even the best paint job will yield mediocre and underwhelming results. NHance’s opaque finishes can give you much better value for money.

NHance’s opaque finishes outperform any Austin cabinet painting

NHance’s opaque cabinet finishes can give the wooden surfaces of your cabinets a rich and elegant new color. This fresh tone will also accentuate the natural beauty of their wood grain. Our expert kitchen renovators will help you choose the best color for your kitchen. There are four different finish techniques available: glazed, for that charming cottage-style look; antiqued, for a dignified, classy aged or worn appearance; burnished, which adds distressed details and over-sanded areas; and vintage, which gives sanded edges that reveal wood grain. This service can be finished in only three to five days without leaving any mess behind. It is also very affordable.

Let NHance’s opaque finishes be your choice over any Austin cabinet painting.

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