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5 Simple Ways To Decorate Your Kitchen For Fall

Making your kitchen feel fresh and festive for each season doesn’t have to be spendy. In fact, there are simple, affordable ways to bring the spirit of the season to your space.  We’re proud to lead the industry for cabinet refinishing in St. Augustine, and love helping our customers use their existing cabinets to reveal […]

3 Cost-Effective Ways To Update Your Kitchen

If you’re tired of living with less than your dream kitchen, we’re here to tell you that it could be well within reach when you reface cabinets in Atlantic Beach. There are many affordable solutions you can utilize to transform your kitchen that don’t require a full remodel. In fact, you can save precious time, […]

Help Stop The Spread Of Bacteria With N-Hance Wood Refinishing

At the forefront of many people’s minds is how to best protect their homes and loved ones from the spread of bacteria, viruses, and allergens. The transfer of germs across surfaces is one of the most common ways this occurs.  Sanitizing the home can feel like a never-ending task that’s tough to keep up with, […]

How N-Hance Can Help You Choose the Right Cabinet Refinishing Service

In today’s digital world, it’s easy to type in a quick search and find instant solutions to many of your daily questions. But it’s important to keep in mind that speaking directly with a professional is beneficial and even essential for the success of many projects—including cabinet refinishing in Middleburg.  The cabinets are the focal […]

Cabinet Painting Trends For 2021

This year brings fresh cabinet inspiration from N-Hance—the industry leader for cabinet painting in Saint Johns.  Our specialty is bringing dream kitchens to life for an affordable price. In fact, we’ve been able to save customers throughout Saint Johns thousands of dollars on their remodels by reworking existing cabinets rather than replacing them.  Our design […]

7 Unique Benefits Of N-Hance Wood Refinishing

If your cabinets or hardwood floors need a refresher, there’s no better method for wood refinishing in Jacksonville, Florida than the N-Hance Lightspeed Process.  Our revolutionary wood refinishing method is virtually dust and odor free, non-toxic, and requires zero sanding. Plus, we cure your wood surfaces instantly with our proprietary Lightspeed technology.  With N-Hance, your [&hel...

What To Expect From N-Hance Cabinet Door Replacement

If you’re in the market for a kitchen transformation, N-Hance has an affordable option—cabinet door replacement in Nocatee.  If your cabinets are in overall good shape, there’s no reason to waste thousands of dollars tearing out and replacing them. N-Hance provides a better option by working with your existing cabinets to save you stress, time, […]

The Impact A Cabinet Refacing Company Can Make On Your Remodel

Remodeling a kitchen is a complex process. The good news is, there are many resources available to help you—like tips from the pro’s at cabinet refacing in Jacksonville.  Cabinet refinishers can play a vital role when it comes to completing your project quickly and effectively. Save yourself the hassle and money of avoidable mistakes, and […]

The Impact Basic Cabinet Refinishing Can Make In Your Home

If your cabinets are worn or outdated, cabinet refinishing in Middleburg is an effective, affordable option.  N-Hance can make a significant difference in your kitchen for a price far less than a total renovation. Even our most basic cabinet refinishing service makes a drastic impact in homes throughout Middleburg.   A Little Cabinet Refinishing Goes A […]

Cabinet Painting This Holiday Season

Time with friends and loved ones is one of the most cherished parts of life—especially this holiday season. And given what a challenging year it’s been, it’s important to find meaningful gifts that show just how much you care.  Of course this season is about so much more than material things. But if you’re looking […]

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