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Benefits Of Scratch-Resistant Wood Cabinets And Floors

When your wood floors and cabinets scratch easily, it can really impact your daily life. These wood finishes look stunning which is why so many people choose them in their home but are it worth it if you can’t use these surfaces without fear of ruining them? There’s no need to worry—N-Hance has perfected a […]

Why NOT To Tear Up Your Original Hardwood Floors

Perhaps your hardwood floors feel outdated, or maybe you just found original hardwood floors under a bad carpet job in your historic home. Whatever your situation and no matter the shape your hardwood floors are in, they could be worth saving. Before tearing out your original hardwood floors, here are a few reasons to keep […]

5 Reasons We Love Stained Wood Cabinets (And You Should, Too!)

If you’ve noticed natural grain, organic wood cabinets growing in popularity lately, you’re not alone. Refinished kitchen cabinets are a trend year after year, and this year is no exception. So what makes designers and homeowners alike love stained cabinets? Here are a few undeniable reasons.   What’s To Love About Stained Kitchen Cabinets   […]

Why Are White Kitchen Cabinets So Popular?

You’ve probably noticed that white kitchen cabinets are all over social media, Pinterest boards, and design blogs. So what makes this such a popular trend among kitchen remodelers and cabinet refinishers? Here are a few reasons why white cabinets are such a popular custom color option.   Why Homeowners And Designers Love White Kitchen Cabinets […]

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