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Why NOT To Tear Up Your Original Hardwood Floors

Perhaps your hardwood floors feel outdated, or maybe you just found original hardwood floors under a bad carpet job in your historic home. Whatever your situation and no matter the shape your hardwood floors are in, they could be worth saving. Before tearing out your original hardwood floors, here are a few reasons to keep […]

Hardwood Floor Damage Categories Can Determine Your Refinishing Needs

Your hardwood floors may fall on a spectrum of damage from light wear and scratches to deep gouges or severe water stains. If you think your hardwood floors are beyond salvageable—think again! Hardwood refinishing can restore even the most extreme damage. Find which refinishing service—like classic floor refinishing or hammered floor refinishing—best matches the needs […]

3 Ways To Update Kitchen Cabinets For A Fraction Of The Cost

If you’re less than in-love with your kitchen, chances are, your cabinets are the culprit. But a tight budget doesn’t have to make you settle for a drab kitchen. Here are 3 affordable cabinet refacing alternatives that, on average, cost one fifth the amount compared to tearing out your old cabinets.   Remodel Your Kitchen […]

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