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How N-Hance Makes Cabinets More Functional With Our Restoration Service

It’s clear that N-Hance cabinet resurfacing makes an impact in your home. That’s why so many throughout the Jacksonville area have chosen to boost the value of their home by refreshing and updating their kitchen cabinets with N-Hance.  But what if you’re looking for more than just aesthetic appeal when it comes to your cabinets? […]

Increase Your Home’s Value By Changing Cabinet Colors

If you’re hoping to boost the resale value of your Atlantic Beach home, simply refinishing your kitchen cabinets could be the perfect solution. How Cabinet Refinishing Can Boost Your Home Value Zillow, the top online real estate and property rental marketplace, recently released it’s 2018 report. It highlighted which paint colors in the home actually […]

How N-Hance Refinishes Cabinets In 3 Simple Steps

Ever wonder why so many homeowners throughout Neptune Beach choose cabinet refinishing for their kitchen remodels? We’re glad you asked!  A lot of people look for ways to boost the aesthetic and value of their homes, and, as a result, find themselves doing an internet search for “cabinet refinishing near me.” But the problem is, […]

N-Hance’s Step By Step Wood Refinishing Process

Did you know that refinishing your cabinets is the single most effective way to increase the value of your home? It’s true—a kitchen remodel is one of the most sought after home improvement projects. Many homeowners are intimidated by one of two things: first, the cost of having a professional do the work for you, […]

Why Are White Kitchen Cabinets So Popular?

You’ve probably noticed that white kitchen cabinets are all over social media, Pinterest boards, and design blogs. So what makes this such a popular trend among kitchen remodelers and cabinet refinishers? Here are a few reasons why white cabinets are such a popular custom color option.   Why Homeowners And Designers Love White Kitchen Cabinets […]

3 Ways To Update Kitchen Cabinets For A Fraction Of The Cost

If you’re less than in-love with your kitchen, chances are, your cabinets are the culprit. But a tight budget doesn’t have to make you settle for a drab kitchen. Here are 3 affordable cabinet refacing alternatives that, on average, cost one fifth the amount compared to tearing out your old cabinets.   Remodel Your Kitchen […]

Are You Making These 5 Kitchen Cabinet Painting Mistakes?

The kitchen is where time is spent as a family and cherished memories are made. This is one reason why we spend so much time imagining our dream kitchens—including the perfect kitchen cabinets. A project like kitchen cabinet refinishing should be left to professionals in order to avoid costly mistakes. If you do decide to […]

Save Big On Your Remodel With Cabinet Door Replacement

We’re all about creating dramatically new kitchens for a fraction of the cost compared to many kitchens remodels. Your kitchen cabinets are the first thing people notice and make the most noticeable difference in a kitchen update. So how do you get stunning new cabinets without breaking the bank or eating away your remodeling budget? […]

How To Choose The Right Stain For Your Hardwood Floors

Few things add charm and timeless style to your home like beautiful hardwood floors. Hardwood has been used as flooring for years, and though trends come and go, it has never gone out of style. Hardwoods stand the test of time and are versatile with any theme or decor. It’s clear that your hardwood floors […]

Easy Kitchen Decor Ideas

After a whole kitchen remodel with the help N-Hance Wood Refinishing of Jacksonville, your kitchen may look a little beautiful, just a little bare. It’s easy to forget about the small details after a large kitchen renovation. Bring out the personality of your kitchen and home with these decorating tips. Assess the Lighting Situation Decorative […]

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