There’s much to love about the two-tone cabinet color trend—which is why so many cabinet painters in Jacksonville, Florida are receiving this request from customers. 

The kitchen is typically the room where people spend most of their time, so it makes sense that it should be a space you love. Here’s how two-tone cabinet painting can make an impact in your home, plus tips for pulling this look off in the best way. 

Identify The Focal Point 

The first step to creating a winning two-tone cabinet color look is to start by choosing one area or set of cabinets to be the focal point. This will be where you’ll add a unique pop of color and draw the eye for anyone who steps foot in your kitchen. Popular focal points include kitchen islands, bottom cabinets, coffee bars, breakfast nooks, or built-in desk areas. 

When choosing the color, gravitate towards one that is bold and stands out, like a colorful jewel tone or a dramatic black shade. 

Think Beyond Painting Cabinets 

You can pull off the two-tone cabinet look using more than just paint colors. For example, try varying the materials you use by implementing wood cabinets on top with glass, laminate, or aluminum lower cabinets.

Anchor Bottom Cabinets With A Darker Color 

A good general rule of thumb is to use darker shades on lower cabinets and lighter colors on top. This simple trick can help make your kitchen feel grounded and larger as the lighter cabinets naturally draw the eye upward. 

You can either go with bold contrast between your upper and lower cabinets or try a subtle look by choosing colors from the same palette—like cream on top with light grey or beige lowers. 

Remember Coordinating Elements 

Since the cabinets in your kitchen may be different colors, it’s important to implement at least one common element that coordinates and ties the space together. 

For example, you may install the same cabinet hardware throughout your kitchen or choose two different colors that are from the same palette. 

Cabinet Painting In Jacksonville, Florida 

The possibilities truly are endless when it comes to your kitchen cabinet color combination. The two-tone design allows for customization that’s unique, yet classic enough for you to love for years to come. 

As the leading cabinet painter in Jacksonville, N-Hance looks forward to serving you and bringing your two-tone cabinet dreams to life!

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