At the forefront of many people’s minds is how to best protect their homes and loved ones from the spread of bacteria, viruses, and allergens. The transfer of germs across surfaces is one of the most common ways this occurs. 

Sanitizing the home can feel like a never-ending task that’s tough to keep up with, but the good news is, N-Hance can help with wood refinishing in Jacksonville

You may not expect it, but with N-Hance, wood refinishing can actually help prevent the spread of germs on hardwood floor and cabinet surfaces. 

When you choose N-Hance for wood refinishing in Jacksonville, you’re also choosing a proactive step toward a cleaner, healthier home.

Antimicrobial Wood Refinishing

Of course you want a wood refinishing service that’s guaranteed to bring the highest quality results in your Jacksonville home. N-Hance uses only the best methods, products, and practices for each and every project. Plus, we offer so much more. 

We can actually help promote a clean, healthy home by stopping the growth of bacteria on your cabinet surfaces. 

As part of our revolutionary wood refinishing service, we instantly cure your cabinets using our unique Lightspeed Plus™ antimicrobial UV finish. This means your cabinets will be instantly ready for regular use with a durable finish that’s prepared to withstand scratches, chipping, and peeling.

Lightspeed Plus™ also contains a specially formulated antimicrobial property that decreases the growth of bacteria by 99%. Dangerous microbes like Staph and E.Coli are no match for cabinets treated with N-Hance wood refinishing

On top of that, our wood refinishing method is better for the environment, too. Our process is eco-friendly, virtually dust and odor-free, and a more sustainable option than disposing of existing cabinets and replacing them with new ones. 

N-Hance wood refinishing is a win-win for your home and for our local Jacksonville community. 

Wood Refinishing In Jacksonville 

Breathe easy with help from N-Hance. We’re proud to offer a healthy, environmentally conscious approach to wood refinishing throughout Jacksonville. 

See N-Hance’s revolutionary wood refinishing method in action!