If you’re hoping to boost the resale value of your Atlantic Beach home, simply refinishing your kitchen cabinets could be the perfect solution.

How Cabinet Refinishing Can Boost Your Home Value

Zillow, the top online real estate and property rental marketplace, recently released it’s 2018 report. It highlighted which paint colors in the home actually sell the best. Over 135,000 homes around the United States were analyzed to see how paint choices—especially kitchen cabinets—can impact a property’s selling price. 

So what did they find? Cabinets painted in neutral colors can significantly impact a home’s resale value. 

A stand out favorite observed in Zillow’s analysis was the tuxedo cabinet trend—when light-colored cabinets are paired with darker bottom cabinets or kitchen islands. In fact, this single trend alone was found to boost the average home value by a staggering $1,547. 

Another discovery was that pairing custom color cabinets with new hardware also increases that amount significantly. Replacing kitchen cabinet hardware costs around $250 or less on average, and cabinets can be repainted for close to the same price. This means that a little bit of sprucing up can yield an impressive investment. 

Both cabinet refinishing and new cabinet hardware instantly make a kitchen appear and feel more modern and is a significant selling point for most buyers. Additionally, N-Hance of Jacksonville can bring your new cabinets to life for a fraction of the cost compared to other remodeling or wood renewal methods. 

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nhance kitchen cabinet refinishing
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Wood Renewal In Atlantic Beach

When it comes to your kitchen cabinets, the color clearly matters. Do yours need an update with a neutral, beautiful finish? N-Hance of Jacksonville is here to help boost the value of your Atlantic Beach home with a variety of cabinet refinishing services

We look forward to giving you your dream kitchen at a price you can afford. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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