Welcome to Spring! As we start to enjoy the change of weather, we should consider investing some of those weekend hours to cleaning your home.

It’s safe to say that one of the more popular spots of the home is the kitchen. For this reason, its important to deep clean this space and eliminate as many germs, bacteria and dirt build up as possible. Hopefully its a fairly clean kitchen already but it may be time for a deep, thorough cleaning from floor to ceiling.

Here are our tips:

Clean from the top down. This is probably an obvious tip but there always seems to be that one spot we forget to clean, that being the top of the fridge. Even though we don’t ever see the tops of our fridge or cabinets, its prime location for dust to build up. Start here and work your way down.

Clean under appliances.  While you may be really good at keeping the crumbs and dirt off your floors, some of that dirt and food crumbs may be swept underneath your fridge and oven without even realizing it. Very carefully pull your appliances away from the wall and vacuum or sweep the unwanted mess away out from the area. You’d be surprised of the amount of food and dust gets trapped underneath your fridge!

Check pantry and food dates. There’s a good chance that you could find food in your freezer or pantry that is expired. Take time to sort through your pantry and fridge and throw away those nasty leftovers and expired items. You could end up saving money and create more room for your groceries.

Deep clean the cabinets. Typically cabinets will get wiped down every couple of month. Hopefully more often than that. However, we hardly clean the inside of those cabinets! You’ll be surprised of the amount of dust and crumbs that have built up around your dishes and appliances.

Clean the cleaners! Who would think to clean the appliance that clean our dishes?! Not many people. Deep cleaning the dishwasher will eliminate most of the mildew or other bacteria that could be building up in the corners or crevasses of the machine. Also, be sure to rinse out the mops, sponges and clothes you use to clean your kitchen regularly. Maintaining clean cleaning supplies will cut down on the frequency you have to buy those items.

What are your favorite kitchen cleaning tips?

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