The benefits of painting your cabinets are clear. All you have to do is turn on the tv or scroll through social media to see stunning before and after photos of cabinet restoration transformations. 

While a lot of people do splurge on high price tags into extravagant kitchen renovations, the truth is, you don’t have to bust your budget in order to make your kitchen look brand new. 

Simply painting your kitchen cabinets can add tremendous value to your home and give you the results you’re looking for. Especially if you go with the pros at N-Hance of Jacksonville! Learn the unique advantages our cabinet refinishing method involves compared to other cabinet painters in the Atlantic Beach and Jacksonville, Florida areas. 

The Difference N-Hance Kitchen Cabinet Painting Makes

We’ve invested years of experience in the cabinet restoration industry to develop an effective method that benefits both homeowners and investors alike throughout Atlantic Beach. Here’s how.

Most cabinet painters use latex paint and primer that’s intended for walls on kitchen cabinets. While this may not seem like a big deal, it can actually cause significant problems in the long run. Latex paint isn’t durable enough for cabinets and also doesn’t go on as smooth as it should. 

The good news is, N-Hance of Jacksonville offers hundreds of custom cabinet colors to choose from in a specially formulated acrylic-polyurethane blend. Our paint is highly durable, and our instant cabinet curing process resists chipping, scratching, peeling, and bacteria growth, too. 

N-Hance delivers the most durable cabinets thanks to our Lightspeed Instant Cure method. We’ve harnessed the power of UV light to cure your cabinets instantly after they’re painted. You’ll be left with a beautiful, durable, long-lasting cabinet color with a factory-like finish. To put it simply, our cabinet restoration process is unlike any other method on the market. 

With our competitors, your cabinets will take days to dry. But with N-Hance and Lightspeed, your cabinets will be ready for regular use right away! 

Did we mention that N-Hance cabinet painting is also dust, mess, and odor free? Additionally, it emits low VOCs—meaning its safe for your family and the Jacksonville, Florida community.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Atlantic Beach, Florida 

If you’re in the market for cabinet restoration in Atlantic Beach, Florida, there’s clearly no comparison to N-Hance cabinet refinishing. We look forward to delivering the beautiful new cabinets you dream of in your Jacksonville home! 

Get your free quote for kitchen cabinet refinishing in Jacksonville, Florida today!