A kitchen remodel is a thrilling opportunity to express your personal style and boost the value of your Jacksonville, Florida home. And with N-Hance cabinet refinishing, you can stick within a reasonable budget without having to sacrifice the results you dream of. 

Your kitchen cabinets in Jacksonville, Florida deserve the best, which is why it’s important for you to understand your options. N-Hance can help you visualize your new kitchen cabinets by walking you through all of the products, materials, and design options available. And to help make your kitchen remodel a complete home run, here are our expert tips for matching your kitchen cabinets with your countertops, flooring, and other finishes. 

Steps To Match Your Kitchen Cabinets With Other Elements

A flawless, simple design makes a big impact. But make no mistake—executing the perfect look takes forethought. 

The kitchen is the most used room in the home, so it’s important to create a core style in this space that’s neutral enough to transition with the seasons but custom enough to make a lasting impression. With N-Hance cabinet refinishing, you’ll save both time and money with stunning cabinets that are unique yet flexible to match a variety of other finishes, window treatments, rugs, furniture, and decor.

#1 – Choose your kitchen color palette. 

Begin with the color scheme for your new kitchen. Pick one main color and two accent colors. Examples may include white kitchen cabinets as your primary color then light grey for your backsplash and rich, dark brown flooring. Stick with a neutral palette then add more bold colors as accents. 

Once you’ve chosen your three core colors, collect samples for cabinets, flooring, and countertop materials so you can get a clear visual for what they’ll look like in your space. 

#2 – Start with the cabinets and countertops.

The cabinets and the countertops cover the most area and make the biggest impact in the kitchen, so this is a good place to start. N-Hance cabinet refinishing is a smart way to save remodeling dollars from your budget by applying a new custom color to your existing cabinets. 

When choosing a countertop material, think of something that meets your needs when it comes to durability and maintenance. Once your cabinets are selected, you can choose your kitchen backsplash, furniture, and more to match. 

#3 – Choose your flooring.

When selecting the material and color for your flooring, remember that modern designs usually incorporate bold contrast with dark flooring while traditional designs steer toward flooring colors in a similar shade or tone to your other design elements like wall color or cabinets. 

#4 – Tie it all together with accents and accessories. 

Once these three core elements of your kitchen design are in place, add the finishing touches. Accents include cabinet hardware, kitchen backsplash, appliances, lighting, wall colors, and more. Base these choices off of your existing elements, like drawing out metallic flecks in your countertops with cabinet hardware to match or applying a tile backsplash from the same color wheel as your cabinets. 

N-Hance Cabinet Refinishing In Jacksonville, Florida 

There’s a lot that goes into a kitchen renovation, and it counts to save precious remodeling dollars in any way possible. N-Hance can help ensure your kitchen cabinets in Jacksonville, Florida have a top-dollar look for a price you can afford. We look forward to making your dream kitchen a reality! 

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