The kitchen is the heart of the home and cabinets make a significant visual impact in this space. That means it’s worth it to put time and effort into the cabinet design decisions you make. 

The N-Hance wood renewal pros in Jacksonville are here to help through every stage of the process—including helping you find some design inspiration for your cabinets. 

From classic natural wood grain to bold pops of color, here are the trends you’ll see topping the charts this year plus how to achieve them for less with cabinet refinishing in Middleburg, Florida

Cabinets That Are Eco-Friendly

Expect to see the use of sustainable materials, especially recycled wood. Cabinet refinishing is also a popular choice as a method that limits waste. Plus, N-Hance wood renewal is virtually dust and odor-free and emits low VOCs in your home!

Soft, Neutral Colored Cabinets

It’s clear that grey is here to stay. Neutral cabinets, flooring, and wall colors like greys and whites are highly popular this year. Soft pastels like mint green and powder blue also fall within the neutral category. 

Rich, Dark Cabinets

Deeper toned cabinets look stunning in kitchens that have the square footage to accommodate them. All black kitchens and combinations of black with natural wood or stone add a modern, sophisticated flare that works well in kitchens with plenty of space and natural light.  

Jewel Tone Cabinets 

To make a statement, many are choosing jewel tone custom color cabinets either as an all over look or for fun pops of color on breakfast nooks or kitchen islands. 

Walnut Cabinets

Natural finished wood cabinets are a timeless choice that homeowners have loved for decades. This year, expect to see a revival of rich, warm, walnut cabinets alongside light countertops and backsplashes. 

Two-Tone Color Cabinets

This tuxedo cabinet trend is here to stay for 2020. The color combinations are endless, so have some fun with it! Stick with the rule of thumb to pair a more bold cabinet color on bottom and the neutrals shade on top. 

Warm Wood Cabinets 

It’s clear that both homeowners and designers will continue choosing wood cabinets for decades to come. This year, soft, warm tones like oak or ash are the most popular.  

Cabinet Refinishing In Middleburg, Florida

Bring your outdated cabinets into the new decade with help from N-Hance wood renewal. We can deliver the stunning new kitchen you dream of at a price you’ll love.

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