Wood cabinet refinishing is an affordable way to restore beauty to your home.

That’s why so many homeowners and designers throughout the Jersey Shore area are choosing this service.

So when an N-Hance professional walks through your door, what can you expect from the refinishing process, and why is this such an impressive value?

Wood Cabinet Refinishing As Easy As 1-2-3!

If you love the grain and wood tones of your wood cabinets but they’re looking a little tired and dull, classic refinishing is the perfect solution for a quick refresh. This service restores luster, shine, and durability while preserving the integrity and beauty of your existing wood surfaces.

Throughout our refinishing process, we use state of the art products designed specifically for cabinets. We start by carefully cleaning your cabinets to remove dirt, grease, wax, and other common build up that deposits in your kitchen.

Next, we touch up and repair and blemishes or damage on your cabinets using a custom stain blend we create at your home to be the perfect match.

We then reseal the finish and apply a proprietary polyurethane finish. You cabinets are then instantly cured using our unique UV technology for a rock hard, durable finish.

Cabinet Refinishing In The Jersey Shore

With N-Hance of Central Jersey, you can bring your wood cabinets back to life and restore their original appearance in a convenient, affordable way.

Join with many throughout the Jersey Shore who are taking advantage of our revolutionary wood refinishing services.

See our classic wood cabinet refinishing in action here!