The new year is the perfect time to spruce up an outdated kitchen, bathroom, or both. And don’t worry—if you don’t have the budget to cover a complete overhaul of your space, N-Hance has the answer with our revolutionary cabinet refacing service. 

Cabinet refacing is the simple process of swapping out cabinet doors, drawer faces, and side panels while keeping your cabinet boxes intact. By updating this single feature, you can achieve an entirely new look for a fraction of the cost compared to a full remodel. Plus, with N-Hance, cabinet refacing also saves you time and produces significantly less mess.

So if you’re ready to say goodbye to your old cabinets and hello to the new, N-Hance can help with these tips and tricks for bringing your cabinets into the new century. 

#1 – Select a style that matches the rest of your kitchen or bath.

When it comes to refacing your cabinets, the last thing you want to do is choose a design that clashes with the rest of your decor. Since you’ll likely keep your floors and countertops the same if you’re going with a budget-friendly remodel, choose a cabinet style and color that compliments the rest of the room. When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a traditional look that will stay in style for years to come. 

#2 – Pick a color that coordinates well with space.

Go with a color that not only matches your style but the rest of the decor in your kitchen or bath. For example, you might have your heart set on dark cabinets, but if your walls are dark as well then your space will seem small. Instead, work with the colors that are already in the room. And when deciding on the color, avoid the tendency to go with what’s too trendy. A bright blue or red might be fun for now, but will you still love it in a few years? For unique pops of color, try less permanent touches like painting an accent wall or adding fun wallpaper. 

#3 – Gather inspiration online.

If you’re having a tough time deciding on the color and style of your new cabinets, take some time to look online for inspiration photos. As you do so, steer toward images that match the architecture, size, and color of your space so you can get a sense of what the end results will look like in your home. And if you find a style you really love, don’t be afraid to model yours after it!  

#4 – Use high-quality materials. 

Each company as a different approach to cabinet refacing. Some use thermofoil veneers, which is affordable and may seem attractive at first. However, veneers don’t hold up to daily wear and tear, meaning they can damage faster—costing you more in the long run.

Cabinet Refacing In The Jersey Shore

If you’re looking for the greatest results and return on investment for your cabinet refacing project, look to N-Hance of Central Jersey. Common DIY mistakes can be avoided and you won’t have to compromise quality. Plus, our cabinet refacing service costs a small fraction of the amount compared to other methods or replacing your cabinets entirely. 

Our cabinet refacing specialists will work with you from start to finish, making sure your cabinets turn out just right. You’re sure to find a style and color you love with our endless variety of customizable options to give you the look you’ve always dreamed of. 

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