If your cabinets are worn, peeling, chipped, or outdated, you know they could use a good boost. However, finding the budget for a large scale renovation can be tricky. After all, not many people are willing or able to spend thousands of dollars for brand new cabinets. If this is the case for you, cabinet painting could be a valuable option. 

However, traditional cabinet painting companies come with a few drawbacks—including the following: 

  • The paint used. Most cabinet painters used latex-based paint that’s actually designed for walls. The problem is, this type of paint isn’t designed to withstand heavy wear—like in a kitchen or bathroom. 
  • The downtime required. The average cabinet painting process takes several weeks to complete from start to finish—including 7-10 days just for drying time alone. Clearly this means lengthy interruption for the day-to-day life of you and your family. 
  • The risk involved. The products used with traditional cabinet painting are often unsafe, to say the least. Traditional methods often release higher levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These chemicals can damage the earth’s ozone layer, the environment, and your family’s health. 
  • The quality of the end result. While the standard approach to cabinet painting may appear to do the job, these methods often yield a finish that’s less than flawless. In many cases, drips and streaks are left behind that compromise the overall quality and beauty of the final product. 

Keep in mind that those are just a few of the issues that can arise with traditional cabinet painting. That’s why so many homeowners throughout the Jersey Shore are choosing N-Hance cabinet painting instead.

Advantages Of N-Hance Cabinet Painting

The good news is, N-Hance has developed a better way to approach cabinet painting. Some of the unique benefits we offer include: 

  • Our cleaning and priming process. Paint won’t adhere to a surface properly unless all fingerprints, smudges, dirt, oil, and grease have been removed. That’s why we use a proprietary solution to clean every inch of your cabinets from top to bottom. We also use a specially formulated primer on cabinets prior to painting them. While other painters use primers intended for use on walls, ours is designed to block stains and stop bleed through. At N-Hance, we take every step to ensure the best quality cabinet painting possible.
  • Our cabinet painting products. Cabinet clearly endure a lot of use and are exposed to moisture, grease, and dirt every single day. That’s why the products used to paint them matters. Instead of using latex paint like our competitors do, N-Hance uses an acrylic polyurethane blend mixed with your custom color. The paint we use resists chips, peeling, and stains. Plus, we never use brushes that leave behind unsightly drip and stroke marks. With N-Hance, your cabinets will be just as flawless as they are durable. 
  • Our cutting-edge curing technology. When you choose N-Hance for your cabinet painting project, you can enjoy the industry-leading benefits of our Lightspeed® system. After your custom cabinet color has been applied, we apply a clear top coat to your cabinets then cure them instantly using a U.V. light system. The results are cabinets finished faster with a durable, rock-hard finished so you and your family can get back to your normal routine right away. 

Endless Cabinet Color Options With N-Hance of Central Jersey

With N-Hance cabinet painting, you can also enjoy limitless color options to create the kitchen of your dreams. We even offer a variety of finishing techniques like glazing, torching, and antiquing to add charm and create a design that’s as unique as you are. 

N-Hance offers incredible value and unbeatable results—all with minimal downtime and at a cost you can afford. 

Contact N-Hance today to get started on your cabinet painting project in Jersey Shore.