The kitchen is the heart of the home, and one of the most important elements of a kitchen remodel. What’s at the center of every kitchen are the cabinets. If you’re looking to refresh your cabinets by painting them, there are a few common mistakes you should work hard to avoid in order to achieve the beautiful results you’re envisioning.


#1 – Selecting the wrong color.


kitchen cabinet mistakes to avoid graphicOne of the most common cabinet painting mistakes is choosing a color that’s too trendy. It’s best to keep your cabinets a versatile, neutral color that won’t go out of style—like a natural wood stain or a neutral custom color—then adding fun pops of color in less permanent ways.

You can still include your personal style through rugs, dishes, curtains, and other less permanent ways without painting your cabinets a color that you or your future home buyers won’t love in a few years.


#2 – Ignoring square footage.


It’s important to consider the square footage of your space when selecting a cabinet color. Dark colors can make tiny spaces feel smaller, will lighter colors make small kitchens feel bigger.


#3 – Unrealistic expectations for how long it will take.


Most go-getters assume that painting kitchen cabinets yourself is an easy task. But the truth is, this is a project that typically takes a solid week of extensive effort to get the job done. Having a professional cabinet refinishing company paint your cabinets for you can save you time and ensure that the job is done right.


#4 – Not cleaning the cabinets properly.

Prep work is one of the most important steps in the cabinet painting process. It’s crucial to remove grease, oils, wax, and dirt completely from your cabinets prior to painting them to make sure the paint and primer go on evenly. N-Hance professionals always use our proprietary cleaning solution first to make sure your cabinets are a clean canvas before painting.


#5 – Not using the best paint and primer for cabinets.

Most painters use primer and latex paint that’s meant for walls but not durable enough for cabinets. Speciality cabinet painters like N-Hance use specific cabinet primer that stops bleed-through, blocks stains, and leaves a rock-hard, durable finish. We also use an acrylic-polyurethane blend that won’t chip or peel. Our technique won’t leave behind brush strokes or drips, and your cabinets will be ready to use immediately with our instant-cure UV technology.


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