Looking To Update Your Kitchen Cabinets?

N-Hance of Central Jersey’s refinishing services can give new life to your cabinets, renewing their natural beauty or updating them with a more modern look. Refresh your current finish and get your kitchen looking just how you want it! We offer a gorgeous, factory-style finish that’s designed to withstand years of wear and tear.

Cabinet refinishing is the most convenient and affordable option when it comes to updating your kitchen. The complete process takes place in your home and does not require the removal of your cabinets. Refinishing can be completed within a few days and is much less expensive than cabinet replacement or refacing. We are the #1 cabinet refinisher in the USA!

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Cabinet Modification

If you are already booking another one of our services, ask our professionals about cabinet modification. We are able to switch your cabinets to soft-close hinges and add cabinet pull-outs. Contact us to get more information.

See what our customers are saying:

“Highly recommend- great job, awesome team. No mess, cabinets look brand new. The team was so good and very friendly. I would recommend them to everyone”

Linda G., ★★★★★

“We are so happy with the job that NHance did on redoing our worn kitchen & bathroom cabinets. They installed soft hinges and new hardware. Everything looks brand new for a cost a lot less than having to replace them. Thank you Lisa and to the guys performing the work.”

Deborah R., ★★★★★

“Absolutely outstanding personal service, thank you Lisa. My husband and I are thrilled beyond words with our cabinet refinishing!! Our cabinets look brand new. we have received many compliments. Don’t hesitate to hire this outstanding company N-Hance to achieve the look of NEW beautiful cabinetry!!”

Tony N., ★★★★★

“After they left I had noticed that I was a little unhappy with one small area. I called them and they came right back and took care of it and could not have been nicer. she said “We want you to be happy”. Just a wonderful company. Lisa was a pleasure and not at all pushy. I felt very comfortable with them in my home.”

Trudy R., ★★★★★

“Thank you Lisa and Michael and the crew of N-Hance. We love our updated cabinets. Your company was so friendly and professional. We could not be happier!”

Nancy D., ★★★★★

“Extremely pleased with my cabinet refinishing!! We had our early 2000 looking wood cabinets refinished in the perfect shade of white! From start to finish, N-Hance employees were extremely professional, reliable, and a pleasure to work with. All of the men that came to our home were polite and very knowledgeable about their craft. They also did an amazing job cleaning up each time. Lisa was always there to answer my questions each step of the way! In our former home, I had my cabinets painted and varnished. This finish is way better and looks like we have a brand new kitchen.”

Kenna, ★★★★★

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Wood Refinishing – Done Right

Cabinet Refinishing is an innovative process that costs much less than cabinet replacement or refacing.

As the name suggests, cabinet refinishing entails restoring the original finish of your existing cabinets. Cabinet refinishing begins with a complete cleansing and degreasing of your cabinets’ wooden surfaces. Repairs to any damaged areas then follow. At this point, you can choose to either restore the original finish of your cabinets or refinish them in a different color. Our cabinet refinishing process is less extensive than our cabinet painting process.

Our process is typically 1/3 the cost of cabinet refacing and 1/5 the cost of replacing your cabinets.

N-Hance takes a unique approach to the cabinet refinishing process. Our products and techniques are made specifically for kitchen cabinets. Thanks to our comprehensive research and development, we possess preparation & finishing methods that give our projects optimal effectiveness, efficiency, and durability.

We use a patented & sandless renewal technique to degrease, clean, and restore your cabinets’ existing finish without leaving any mess or odors behind. Most of our work also takes place in your home and we are able to provide durable, factory-style finishes with optimal efficiency & economy. We also have thousands of color options to choose from!

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The Stages of the N-Hance Refinishing Process:

Step 1: Prep & Detail

  • After consultation and being certain of your desires for your cabinets, we get to work.
  • Preparation of the job site is accomplished by masking and draping the work area to protect your property.
  • We remove knobs and other hardware
  • If needed, we will patch and fill any cracks and gaps in the wood to make it look new again.

Step 2: Cleaning

  • Here we remove dust and debris on and around the cabinets. We use our unique cleaning solution to clean the surfaces.
  • Our cleaning draws dirt out of the porous wood
  • To ensure the area is completely dust-free, we remove and clean air vents

Step 3: Apply Finish

  • We “remove the grain raise”, which simply means making the wood smoother, and remove contaminates.
  • Sealer is applied
  • For a color change, we spray 3 to 5 coats of stain on each piece. (With color shift jobs, color coats are applied by hand.)
  • Cabinets are then dried (often with a fan).
  • We polish the cabinets before adding a finish. This is also known as burnishing.Here we remove dust and debris on and around the cabinets. We use our unique cleaning solution to clean the surfaces.

Step 4: Add Protective Finish

  • A clear coat is applied to protect the stain from rubbing off in the future
  • After a short dry time, a second coat is applied.
  • We then use our Lightspeed technology to instantly cure the finish. We “remove the grain raise”, which simply means making the wood smoother, and remove contaminates.

Step 5: Inspection

  • We want you to be happy with the results!
  • We inspect every piece and place it all back together. We wait for your inspection and okay to ensure your complete satisfaction.
  • N-Hance of Central Jersey & The Jersey Shore has a full customer satisfaction guarantee!

Step 6: In-Home Maintenance

  • When your cabinet renewal is complete, we will leave you with care instructions. Every service includes a maintenance kit with more instructions and tools to care for your newly renewed cabinets.

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Refresh Your Cabinets

Need to simply tune-up & renew the look of your existing kitchen cabinets? With our classic refinishing service, you can restore the luster of your cabinets, while preserving the existing tone and grain of your cabinets. We use a patented & sandless renewal technique to degrease, clean, and restore your cabinets’ existing finish. Our durable, beautiful finish allows us to refresh your cabinets quickly and affordably. Check out this video to see just how the process works:

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