The fact that there are so many options when it comes to custom cabinet colors can be both good and bad. 

With so many possibilities and directions to consider, you’re sure to have a variety of inspiration and exciting options to choose from. But on the other hand, the decision making process can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not a professional designer. 

It’s important to note that when selecting colors for your bathroom or kitchen cabinets, there are several factors that are crucial to take into account—like the style of your existing cabinets, the amount of natural light in your space, and the final result you want to achieve. In addition, it isn’t as simple as picking a color. Each color choice has a variety of shades, tones, and finishes to consider. 

Is your head spinning yet? Don’t worry—for these reasons and more, many people throughout the Jersey Shore are enlisting the help of N-Hance. Our team of design experts can learn your particular space, preferences, and lifestyle, then help you narrow down which options align best with what you’re looking for. We can also provide samples for you to look at inside your home so you can see how each cabinet color works with your lighting and aesthetic. With help from N-Hance, you’re sure to achieve the end result of cabinets you love. 

To help you with your project, here are a few 2020 custom cabinet color trends to consider.

Natural Wood Cabinets 

Simply stain or refinish wood cabinets to showcase their natural character and beauty. Going for more natural design choice is a way to add class, coziness and charm to your space in a way that feels fresh and contemporary. 

Combining Colors And Wood Tones  

Along with this trend of more organic cabinet choices is combining natural wood with painted cabinets to achieve the best of both worlds. The natural beauty of your wood cabinets will shine through, but you can also try adding unique pops of color by painting just your upper cabinets. 

Lighter Cabinet Colors That Aren’t White 

White is a classic cabinet color choice for both modern and traditional homes. This year, you can expect to see a slight shift in design trends from solid white to a mixture of lighter creams, greys, and pastel tones. As always, you can add pops of personality through hardware choices that are all your own. 

Back To Basic Black 

The other end of the color wheel is also a hot trend in the cabinet design sphere this year. Black is a unique way to add drama to a kitchen that has plenty of natural light. Black is also a neutral that allows you flexibility in wall colors and other decor choices. Black can be edgy and modern or classic and sophisticated, and pairs well with a variety of different backsplashes and flooring. 

Calming, Natural Custom Cabinet Colors 

Hoping to infuse a pop of color in your space without being too distracting or busy? Colors like blue and green are calming and complement a variety of other colors. This year, jewel tones top the charts and coordinate well with various different countertop and finishing options. 

Dramatic Custom Cabinet Color Selections 

If you want to make a big impact in your kitchen, the world of custom cabinet colors is endless. A smart choice to bring bold color into the year 2020 is to apply it in certain strategic areas. For example, rather than painting every square inch of your cabinets one color, choose smaller areas like the cabinets on your kitchen island, breakfast nook, or built-in-desk. A more subtle, neutral color everywhere else will make those spots of color really pop and deliver even more of a statement through thoughtful design. 

Explore your custom cabinet color options by scheduling a risk-free, online consultation with our design team in Jersey Shore!