Whether you’re a gourmet chef who loves to cook, a parent who sits at the kitchen counter doing homework with kids after school, a host who loves to entertain guests, or all of the above, your kitchen probably gets more use than any other room in the home. 

Such a highly trafficked spot deserves products that can endure a wear and tear while keeping their luster. And that’s the entire approach to N-Hance cabinet painting in Jersey Shore

When you choose cabinet painting from N-Hance of Central Jersey, you’ll enjoy a level of durability unlike any other service. When we take on your project, you’ll see for yourself the satisfaction of having cabinets that: 

  • Are customizable with hundreds of color and finish options
  • Resist impact—even from the hard hit of a hammer
  • Resist scratches and wear from commonly used kitchen utensils
  • Repel abrasion, as proven in an aggressive sanding test using a coarse grit sandpaper

And you don’t have to take our word for it. We invite you to see for yourself the durability of cabinets painted by N-Hance in these videos. Here we deliberately try to damage our painted cabinets with things like a paint can opener and while the regular wood gets damaged, the N-Hance finish remains intact.

After you watch our videos, you might be wondering how we do it. How is it possible to create cabinets that are just as durable as they are beautiful, and at such an affordable price? The answer is in our multi-stop process that’s been time-tested to deliver the highest quality product. Here’s what N-Hance cabinet painting entails. 

Cabinet Cleaning

Thoroughly cleaning and prepping is essential to a good outcome in the cabinet painting process. If corners are cut on this step, the paint will peel, won’t adhere to your cabinets, and will be more prone to damage, scuffs, and scratches.

N-Hance understands the importance of this step, which is why we do more than simply wipe down your cabinets. We use a specially formulated cleaning product to remove everything from grease and oil to wax and dust to create a clean cabinet surface that’s ready to be primed. 

Cabinet Priming

Once your cabinets are totally clean, they’re ready for the next step of priming. Our cabinet primer is different from any product other professional painters use. N-Hance primer is designed especially with cabinets in mind to enable them to endure heavy use, block out stains, stop bleed through, and have a finished look that’s completely flawless.  

Cabinet Painting 

At N-Hance we also use cabinet paint that is far more durable than latex-based paint intended for use on walls. Rather, our paint is composed of a polyurethane blend that we specially mix with your custom color. N-Hance cabinet paint resists chipping, dents, scratches, and various other types of wear. 

Plus, N-Hance cabinet paint isn’t only durable, it also delivers a stunning, factory-like finish. The result is smooth, beautiful cabinets without any residual drips or brush strokes. 

Cabinet Curing 

Perhaps the most unique and impressive stage of the N-Hance cabinet painting process is how we cure your cabinets. We start by applying an industrial-strength, clear top coat then cure it instantly using our proprietary Lightspeed® technology. This creates an immediate rock-hard finish that doesn’t take days to dry like traditional top coat finishes do. 

The N-Hance Lightspeed® system is designed using the same type of U.V. technology dentists use to cure fillings. We can apply it using a hand-held technique, so we’re able to reach every tiny nook and cranny to make sure your cabinets are completely cured from top to bottom. 

Advantages Of N-Hance Cabinet Painting In Jersey Shore 

The N-Hance team understands that your kitchen is the heart of the home where memories are made. It’s important for you to be able to enjoy your life and time with your loved ones rather than worrying about any imperfections or potential damage to your cabinets. 

With our unique approach to cabinet painting, you can enjoy quick, high quality, convenient, affordable results with limited disruption to your busy schedule. Depending on the size and scope of a specific project, we can typically complete the job in just 3 to 5 days. And once we’re done, you won’t have to wait for your cabinets to cure—a waiting process that typically takes 7 to 10 days with other cabinet painters.

The N-Hance process is also cleaner, with virtually no dust, odors, or health hazards often associated with kitchen cabinet renovations. You can rest easy knowing that N-Hance cabinet painting is safe for you, your family, and our local environment. 

Finally, N-Hance is a budget-friendly choice for cabinet painting. Since we save you the hassle of tearing out and replacing existing cabinets, you can save money and put it elsewhere in your kitchen renovation. 

The possibilities are endless with N-Hance cabinet painting. We look forward to serving you throughout the Jersey Shore. 

N-Hance can help you fall in love with your cabinets again. Schedule your FREE online estimate today!