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New Jersey Cabinet Refinishing Options
Cabinet Refinishing should be the first choice for any kitchen renovation plans. Not many people are aware of how cabinet refinishing is carried out today. Thus, many homeowners remove and throw away cabinets that could have easily been restored to their original condition. Cabinet refinishing technology has improved significantly over the recent years.

Previously, refinishing cabinets necessitated a huge amount of labor. The process involved removing, sanding, and then reinstalling the serviced cabinets.Sandless Cabinet Refinishing

This invariably resulted in tremendous messes and took a lot of time. Hence, cabinet refinishing was not the most appealing choice. With the appropriate expertise and methodology, professionals can refinish cabinets swiftly and efficiently without leaving any mess behind.

These days, cabinet refinishing happens in your home and does not require the removal of your cabinets. The process can be finished within a few days and is much less expensive than a cabinet replacement or refacing.


Replacing Cabinets:

Cabinet replacement is a large scale kitchen renovation that requires a vast budget for success. For this process, you or your hired craftsmen will uninstall and remove your old kitchen cabinets from your kitchen walls. At this point, you may have to renovate your kitchen in other ways. For instance, the wiring may not be up to code and you then are required to install new GFCI electrical wiring or plumbing.New Jersey Kitchen Renovations - Cabinet Removal

You can make significant changes to your kitchen layouts, adjust the number of cabinets you have, and alter the amount of counter space available. Replacing your cabinets offers you many new exciting possibilities, but it also carries the largest price tag amongst all the kitchen renovation options.

According to 2016 market trends, the price of a standard full kitchen renovation begins somewhere around $50,000. Of course, various factors will affect the price. Larger kitchens will cost you more. Certain types of retrofitting cost more than others. The kind and amount of finishing used plays a role as well. Cabinet replacements have a tendency to expand beyond their initial scopes and budgets.


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Cabinet Refacing:

Refacing your cabinets entails the upgrading of every finished surface on your kitchen cabinets. This works very well for homeowners who want a new shape for their cabinet doors and drawers but also have no plans to change their original kitchen layout. The economical and lower-end types of cabinet refacing methods involve the use of laminates for cabinet surfaces.Stick on Laminate Cabinet Refacing Not The Best Option

Cabinets refaced in this way will often look very good in photographs. In reality, however, they usually have a very cheap and artificial appearance.

Laminates also just simply feel inferior to that of the wooden doors and panels they cover. Cabinets built decades ago were done so through the use of materials and construction methods that were far superior to those used in the manufacturing of modern ones. They had very sturdy boxes, and real hardwood was used more frequently for their doors, boxes, and styles.

If you decide to use laminates to reface your cabinets, you will pay a lower upfront cost. However, laminates aren’t very durable. They break down very rapidly from daily wear and tear. Also, any damage to laminated surfaces is very difficult and expensive to repair. Laminates are also vulnerable to chipping and warping. Delamination (wherein the glue between the laminate and its applied surface loses its adhesiveness) occurs frequently. They also swell upon being exposed to water.

Kitchen refacing processes that cost less than $5,000 almost certainly involve the use of laminates. They will likely also feature low quality products for cabinet doors, gable ends, boxes, styles, etc. Cabinets refaced through lamination are far less durable and have a much shorter life span.


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Higher-end cabinet refacing processes entail the replacement of old cabinet doors with solid wood doors and the use of wood veneer finishing.Wood Veneer Cabinet Refacing vs. Refinishing You can expect much better and more long lived results from these processes. Replacement doors are available in many sizes, styles, and finishes. Also, the installation of these doors does not cause or require any significant change to your kitchen’s layout. The use of new solid cabinet doors as replacement for old ones typically produce a high quality finish.

There can be problems, however, with the veneer used on gable ends, cabinet boxes, and styles. Wood veneer is the substance used for all exposed cabinet surfaces not covered by doors. It looks like solid wood but is far less durable.

When applied or glued to cabinet surfaces in a home environment rather than within strict manufacturing/factory conditions, it suffers from quality issues. Like laminates, wood veneer can warp and chip. It can also swell when exposed to water.

Moreover, refaced cabinets have a tendency to end up looking inconsistent. This is a common issue with natural maple cabinets. Natural maple fades to yellowness over time. As you can imagine, the same applies to maple cabinets. However, the individual components undergo this process at different rates. For instance, a cabinet’s doors will turn yellow more quickly or slowly than its raised panel segments, which in turn yellow at a different rate from the cabinet’s boxes.Cabinet Refinishing Veneer Chips

Eventually, maple cabinets end up as a random, haphazard collection of varying yellow shades. Different types of wood and finishes are used in cabinet refacing, which often also involve different manufacturers. This means that finishes are applied in different ways. As a result, refaced cabinets usually end up with mismatched wooden tones all across their various parts. Refaced cabinets tend to end up looking like faded maple cabinets. You cannot expect any refacing process to give your cabinets an appearance similar to that produced by a custom onsite finish.

If your cabinet refacing features the use of solid wooden doors and veneers, you can expect to pay somewhere between $10,000 and $15,000. Depending on the size of your kitchen and your various selected options, your final cost may vary.


Cabinet Refinishing is a Completely Different Process That Costs Much Less Than a Cabinet Replacement or Refacing.

Central Jersey Cabinet Refinishing vs cabinet refacing

Cabinet refinishing entails the restoration or replacement of your cabinets’ finish. Cabinet refinishing begins with a complete cleansing and degreasing of your cabinets’ wooden surfaces. Repairs to any damaged areas then follow.DIY Cabinet Refinishing Hazards At this point, you can choose to either restore the original finish of your cabinets or refinish them in a different color.

Interior wood refinishing used to be a tedious, messy, and costly process. It was very similar to the process of sanding a hardwood floor or stripping a piece of furniture of its finish.

Today, this only applies to traditional and DIY wood refinishing methods, where cabinets have to be removed from the kitchen and then sanded down to bare wood. As you can imagine, this is very inefficient, especially when you or your hired craftsmen still have to apply the finish to the wooden surfaces of your cabinets after all the above preparation work has been done. You will also likely end up paying as much as you would for a cabinet replacement or refacing.

Painting your cabinets is not the best idea either, even if you do hire professional painters. Much of the aforementioned preparatory work must also be done before any painting can occur. The process is as tedious and inefficient as any traditional or DIY cabinet refinishing. Without proper preparation, a paint job will begin falling apart within days. However, even with complete and flawless preparation, the results of a cabinet painting will be short lived as well.

The majority of paint products have not been manufactured for constant contact with hands and fingers and the repetitive closing and opening of cabinet doors. They also fare poorly in kitchen environments filled with moisture and grease, which are very hostile to most paint products. Even the best paint job will last far less longer than a factory finish or any of N-Hance’s cabinet refinishing projects.Paint Fails on Cabinet Refinishing

N-Hance takes a unique approach to the cabinet refinishing process. Our products and techniques are made specifically for kitchen cabinets. Thanks to our comprehensive research and development, we possess preparation methods that give our projects optimal effectiveness, efficiency, and durability.


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N-Hance’s Cabinet Refinishing is unlike any other form of traditional cabinet refinishing.

We use a patented & sandless renewal technique with which our craftsmen can degrease, clean, and restore your cabinets’ existing finish without leaving any mess or odors behind. Most of our work also takes place in your home. Your cabinets do not have to be removed unless you have chosen N-Hance’s Color & Custom Color Change services. For these services, we will have to remove your cabinet doors and drawers for servicing.

Our expertise and technology allows us to combine advanced methods with High Performance, Low VOC polyurethane products. Hence, we are able to provide durable, factory-style finishes or refinishings with optimal efficiency and economy. This means that our services cost far less than any cabinet replacement or refacing.

N-Hance offers four different types of refinishing services: Basic Cabinet Renewal, Cabinet Color ShiftColor ChangeCustom Color Options.


Additional Cabinet Services:

We can also provide or outsource various hardware, hinges, rollouts, crown molding, and other add-ons. N-Hance strives to give you the kitchen of your dreams at much lower prices than those of cabinet replacements or refacings. N-Hance’s services offer efficiency, effectiveness, and economy unparalleled in the market.

Many of the inquiries we have received in Central Jersey are about Natural Maple or Honey and Golden Oak cabinets, which have been the most popular choices for new home construction many, many years. We have also received other inquiries about how effective our products are on laminate surfaces. There have also been requests for cabinet pull replacements alongside our refinishing services. We do our utmost to give a positive reply to all these inquiries and more.Old Oak Cabinet Refinishing

Most of the time, our clients end up with a lot of money left over from their initial budget thanks to the efficiency and economy of our refinishing services. They ended up being free to spend these leftover funds on other kitchen renovation options. Some of them chose to update their countertops. Others decided on new backsplashes and appliances.

A kitchen’s cabinets are often its most dominant color element. As a result, kitchen renovations often begin with cabinet updates. Subsequent processes revolve around them, seeking to contrast or complement the new color choices.


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So, is Cabinet Refinishing the right solution for you?

Giving serious thought to your budget is crucial to planning your kitchen renovation. Without a detailed and realistic kitchen renovation plan, you will likely end up implementing, canceling, and then redoing a variety of renovation processes. This will certainly cause your costs to skyrocket beyond your initial budget.

Cabinet sales featuring large discounts shouldn’t affect your plans overmuch either. Heavily discounted cabinets are attractive, but the prices don’t take all the additional work and other costs of a cabinet replacement, such as installation labor,  into consideration. Other extra cost examples; after replacing your cabinets, your kitchen might need more painting or a new backsplash.

If you’re unlucky, you might have to make major changes and/or upgrades to your electrical wiring or plumbing because of building code changes. You might also encounter an instance where your new kitchen layout exposes a portion of the subfloor previously covered by an old cabinet. This will require new flooring upgrades, which carry hefty price tags in themselves.

Cabinet replacements will cost you at least $20,000. However, most of the time, you will end up paying more than $50,000 for a cabinet replacement. If your budget is somewhere between $10,000 and $20,000 and you want to change the style of your cabinet doors without altering your kitchen layout, a cabinet refacing might be viable. However, if you want to spend less than $10,000 or have a large kitchen and want to get an upgrade much more economically than a cabinet replacement or refacing, N-Hance’s cabinet refinishing services are your best option.

Our services vary in cost. Nevertheless, as a rule, they generally cost a third of the price of a high-end refacing project and less than a fifth of the price of a complete kitchen renovation and cabinet replacement. N-Hance’s cabinet refinishing services are the perfect choice if you don’t intend to make any significant changes to your kitchen’s layout.

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  1. I had no idea that older kitchens could be resurfaced easier because they are made of more durable materials. It’s good to know that I can save some money on my older home remodel by refinishing the cabinets rather than replace them. It would help to get a professional estimate so you know exactly what to expect.

  2. I appreciate your point that cabinet refinishing is a cheaper option than refacing or replacement. My husband and I are going to do some updates to our kitchen, but we don’t want it to be a big, expensive project. It would be nice to refresh the cabinets, so maybe we could have a professional come and refinish those.

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  4. My wife and I have been wanting to make some major changes to our kitchen for quite some time now. After reading the article, it seems like replacing our cabinets will be our best option for redesigning our kitchen. Since the article mentions that you can make significant changes to your kitchen layout by replacing cabinets, I think it will be our best option going forward.

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