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If you’ve had your wood cabinets for years and want to restore their original life and luster then N-Hance of Central Jersey is an option for you. N-Hance is the most affordable and usually the quickest way to bring life back into dreary looking cabinets. N-Hance Revolutionary Wood Refinishing is an innovative, affordable cabinet refinishing service that renews your wood cabinets without the dust, inconvenience and noxious fumes associated with traditional refinishing and painting methods.

Unlike traditional cabinet painters who often leave the grain of the wood exposed, N-Hance offers a solution that will cover the grain and give your cabinets a cleaner, on-trend appearance. And while it can take over a week for cabinet painters to complete their work and let it dry, our Lightspeed® process cures the finish immediately! There’s no longer any reason to wait to renew that beautiful wood in your home!

This is What Can Happen When You Paint Your Cabinets:


Painting your cabinets to change their color can be tempting. However, paint will peel and chip over time (sometimes quickly) near high-usage areas.

There’s a better option – one that’s cheaper, and much quicker. Instead of trusting your cabinets to a painter, and paying more for a job that will take more time to complete and not last very long, let N-Hance of Central Jersey take care of you. We can give you the beautiful white or colored cabinets that you’ve always wanted – and they’ll stay that way.



Our Kitchen Cabinet Painting Process

Many kitchen cabinet painters offer a variety of colors, but N-Hance offers hundreds of different options, so you can find the perfect color to match your own style. If that seems overwhelming to you, we are more than happy to help you choose the color that best fits your kitchen. Before we refinish your cabinets, we will walk you through each step of the process and make sure that you are perfectly satisfied with your selection.


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To ensure that no mistakes are made, N-Hance of Central Jersey follows a specific process:

  • Clean the Cabinets. Before we do anything, we use a proprietary cleaning process to clean your cabinets and remove oils, grease, grime, waxes and other particles that may have accumulated, as well as loose layers of old finish. This gives us a fresh canvas to work with.
  • Prep and Seal. At this point, we prepare sand seal the cabinet, neutralizing the wood’s pH levels. This step is important to make sure that the primer and color bond to the wood properly.
  • Apply Primer. Our primer blocks tanning and stains on the wood from bleeding through and marring the surface after the process is complete.
  • Apply Custom Color. We only provide the best. That’s why we use our own acrylic polyurethane blend, as opposed to basic latex paint. We apply several coats to your cabinet to make the finish durable against bumps, scratches, and other physical wear. This process is similar to the process used in factories when manufacturing new cabinets.
  • Apply Lightspeed®. N-Hance uses a proprietary top coat that is cured using ultraviolet light. This finish dries quickly, meaning you don’t have to wait to use your cabinets again! Lightspeed® also contains an antimicrobial property that decreases bacteria growth by 99%, keeping your home and family healthy.


Cabinet Color Options

Cabinet Paint Color Choices

In all likelihood, your cabinets are still in good physical shape, so why go to the hassle and expense of replacing them? Refinishing your cabinets with N-Hance offers just as dramatic a change in the look of your cabinets without taking as much time or money. You can use your existing cabinets and give them a new look for a fraction of the time and a fraction of the cost!

N-Hance of Central Jersey offers a wide variety of colors to choose from, as well as finishing techniques, so you can customize the final product to match your own style with a long-lasting, well-protected finish. We go beyond traditional cabinet painting services by also offering a variety of different finishing techniques, each of which presents its own distinct look:

  • Glazed, Antiqued, Shadowing, And More…


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Create A Completely New, Refreshed & Updated Style For Your Kitchen or Bathroom, and Increase The Value of Your Home!


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kitchen cabinet refinishing      cabinet refinishing before and after


kitchen cabinet refinishing      cabinet refinishing before and after

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