There is a good chance that your hardwood floors have seen better days. You may be wondering which wood restoration service will be the most effective and affordable. You may even wonder if the light damage is worth fixing or if the damaged floors can be brought back.

No matter the condition of your wood floors, N-Hance of Hilton Head has the right solution for your needs and budget

Here’s a simple scale you can use to determine if classic wood floor resurfacing or hammered wood floor refinishing is best for you.


Rate Your Wood Floor With This Simple Scale

rate your wood floor graphicTo see photos of each wood floor category listed below and determine which one your floor most resembles, click here.

You may also want to view our floor qualifier to get a visual for what different types of damage look like on a wood floor—like pet stains, board separation, gray wear spots, sun fading, water damage, scratches, and more.Category 0-2: Hammered Wood Floor Refinishing

These floors are severely damaged with raw wood exposed. You may see extensive pet stains, water damage, and deep gouges or scratches. There may be visible gaps between the wood planks, loose boards, and large holes or missing pieces. While you may think floors in the 0-2 category are beyond repair, N-Hance of Hilton Head can actually restore them like new with our signature hammered wood floor refinishing service.

Photos of category 0-2 wood floors


Category 3-5: Hammered Wood Floor Refinishing

Wood floors in the 3-5 category may have visible sun damage, less extensive pet stains, and scratches. These floors may have visible damage from carpet removal—like nail, staple, or tack strip holes. They also may be missing color and finish in large patches. These floors are ideal candidates for hammered wood floor refinishing from N-Hance of Hilton Head.

Photos of category 3-5 wood floors


Category 6-7: Classic Wood Floor Resurfacing And Refinishing

These wood floors need light repairs from the missing finish, minor scratches, and regular wear. You may notice minor sun fading, the separation between floorboards, and water damage in category 6-7 floors. These are excellent candidates for our less-invasive classic wood floor refinishing service.

Photos of category 6-7 wood floors


Category 8-9: Classic Wood Floor Resurfacing And Refinishing

This category is for wood floors that are still in great condition but just need to be cleaned and refreshed. They may need a new coat of finish, but that should do the trick to make them as good as new.

Photos of category 8-9 wood floors


We Can Renew Your Wood Floors!

Whether the damage to your wood floors is extensive or yours simply need to be cleaned and a fresh coat of finish, N-Hance of Hilton Head has you covered.

Our unique wood refinishing services leave no dust, no mess, no odor, and cure instantly. This means almost no interruption to your daily life—and at an affordable cost!

We proudly serve customers throughout Hilton Head, Bluffton, and Beaufort, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia.

Contact us today to get started on your wood renewal project!