When it comes to DIY projects—like sanding your wood floors or cabinets—Maryal and Chris Carter are pro’s. In fact, their blog titled Love and Specs is a popular go-to resource for many homeowners.

The Carter’s recently shared their experience with custom color cabinet refinishing from N-Hance and the impact it’s made on their spring cleaning routine.

Here are some highlights from their story that may make you think twice before sanding down your own wood floors or cabinets.

The Value Of N-Hance Wood Refinishing

Not only does N-Hance wood refinishing make your home look better, it can also make cleaning and maintaining your wood surfaces significantly easier.

Our Lightspeed® Instant-Cure technology makes wood surfaces antimicrobial and extremely durable. When your wood floors and cabinets are refinished with N-Hance, they’ll be strong enough to resist scratches, chipping, and peeling. This can take a lot of daily stress off your plate.

Plus, N-Hance can help make your wood floors and cabinets hold their value longer and be easier to maintain. This is especially beneficial for homeowners who already have enough on their plate.

Maryal and Chris shared:

“We were so pumped when we heard about N-Hance Wood Refinishing products. They provide ultimate durability with a beautiful, smooth, rock-hard finish for your kitchen cabinets that’s higher quality and more durable than regular old paint.”

We put the Carter’s to the test by sending them a kit that included two sample pieces of wood—one with an N-Hance custom finish and one with regular paint. Here’s what they saw.

“We banged the cabinet sample they sent us with a hammer, and even scratched it with sandpaper and a penny, all in the name of putting their claims to the test. And we were so impressed with the outcome! We gave both samples an equally harsh beating, and the side-by-side results are very different!”

Maryal and Chris also loved the fact that our products are low VOC, and that the N-Hance wood refinishing process doesn’t leave behind harmful odors or release dangerous compounds into the atmosphere. With N-Hance, your wood renewal project can be safe for your family and the environment.

In addition, The Carter’s were pleasantly surprised by how seamless the wood refinishing process was with N-hance, and how affordable the services are, too.

“We hate it when we find a stellar product for our home projects that either isn’t affordable or doesn’t allow for enough customization to fit our home or style. But not to worry! N-Hance’s color options are endless, plus refinishing your cabinets with N-hance is a must lower cost than traditional remodels. N-Hance uses ultraviolet light curing technology that gives your cabinets an immediate, rock-hard finish so there’s very little “downtime” or disruption, which we all know is so important when you’re tackling a home project.”

Here are Chris and Maryal’s parting words: “Now regular old kitchen cabinet paint seems downright silly thanks to N-Hance.”

Wood Floor And Cabinet Refinishing In New Jersey

Don’t sand your wood floors and cabinets—instead, try a better way. N-Hance can take care of your wood surfaces and make them even more resilient and easier to clean for the future.

See N-Hance refinished cabinets in action with this impressive durability test!