Certain finishes in the home—like wood cabinets and floors—require a little extra TLC to maintain their luster. This might seem like a lot of work but, luckily, N-Hance provides a method that can help.

Making your wood surfaces resistant to scratches makes a significant difference in maintaining them, and N-Hance makes this possible with our unique wood refinishing service. Let’s check it out.

N-Hance Makes Surfaces Resistant to Scratches With Wood Refinishing

Our proprietary wood refinishing not only makes wood surfaces appear shiny and vibrant, but actually preserves and protects them to their core.

Our Lightspeed Plus™ Anti-Microbial UV Finish is applied using our instant-cure technology, meaning your cabinets and floors will be able to endure regular use immediately. Plus, this finish leaves your wood surfaces significantly more durable than before. Floors and cabinets treated with our Lightspeed® Instant-Cure method can withstand almost anything we throw at them and are resistant to chipping, peeling, scratching and also resist the spread of bacteria and stains.

This process is also healthy and safe for your family. N-Hance wood refinishing is non-toxic, dust free, and emits very little or no odor. We approach every home we enter as if it’s our own, and treat your interiors with the utmost care.

Wood Refinishing In Central Jersey

Life is meant to be lived to the fullest, and N-Hance can help you get there. Instead of worrying about your wood surfaces getting scratched and damaged, find peace of mind through the durability and protection that comes through our wood refinishing process.

We look forward to serving you throughout Central Jersey, the Jersey Shore, Toms River, and the surrounding areas.

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