When you’re looking for a company to do cabinet painting in Garden City, NY for you, it’s important to do your research. Besides looking at the business’s reviews and checking out their before and after pictures, you should also be asking the prospective painter questions. Here is our list of must-ask inquiries when learning about the wood refinishing and painting company. These will help you narrow down your options and ensure you hire the right professionals for your project.

How Does Your Process Work? 

Learning about a business’s cabinet painting process will give you insight into the detail and thoroughness they provide, so be sure to ask this question!

At N-Hance of Central Nassau County, our process typically is as follows:

  • Prep and clean cabinets.
  • Apply primer, stain or custom color, finish, and sealer.
  • Apply Lightspeed curing.®
  • Have the customer inspect their new cabinets and provide them with in-home maintenance instructions.

What Color Options Do I Have?  

The color you pick for your cabinets can dramatically impact the look of your kitchen, that’s why it’s necessary to check that the provider offers colors and designs you like.

For cabinet painting in Garden City, NY, our team at N-Hance provides nearly limitless color options, letting you express your personality with the exact color you are looking to use. We have skilled technicians and design experts that can additionally help you pick your perfect color if you’re unsure of what you want.

How Much Will it Cost?   

It’s essential to receive a price quote prior to scheduling a cabinet painting in Garden City, NY. Be sure the company is open about the cost and has no hidden or additional charges. Some companies charge for the entire project while others charge by the hour and include products and supplies.

To get a price quote with us at N-Hance, click here. It’s a free, simple, and painless process!

How Long Will My Project Take?

There will be variations in the timeline depending on the current condition of your cabinets and the selections you make for color, cabinet modification work, etc. However, a company should be able to give you a clear estimate for when you can expect the project to be completed.

Thanks to our Lightspeed UV technology that instantly cures your cabinets, your project with us at N-Hance can be completed in just a few days!

Get in touch with N-Hance for cabinet painting in Garden City, NY today!