We understand that not everyone is design-savvy or has time to stay up to date on home trends and designs. Sometimes, it’s not until a bold friend or family member mentions that your kitchen looks like it’s from the 90s that you realize your kitchen could use a major facelift. But if it hasn’t come to that point yet, check out these signs to see if your kitchen is out of style!

If you already know your kitchen needs a makeover, call our experts at N-Hance of Central Nassau County a call for cabinet door replacement in Plainview, NY, and additional cabinet refinishing options! 

Your lighting fixtures are old or tarnished

Outdated lighting fixtures can make your kitchen space look dull. If any of the lighting fixtures in your kitchen have tarnished or dark finishes, it’s time to upgrade them. Check to see what kind of lightbulbs are currently being used in fixtures as well. If they aren’t LED lights, consider changing them as they are more energy-efficient and long-lasting.

You have plain oak or cherry wood cabinets

Certain cabinet colors, finishes, and hardware look old-fashioned no matter what style of home or kitchen you have. Perhaps the most common old-fashioned cabinets are oak or cherry wood cabinets, but there are plenty of others! With our cabinet door replacement in Plainview, NY, we can revamp your door and drawer fronts and add a fresh coat of paint to your cabinets which can dramatically change the look of your entire kitchen. There are classic options and styles that we offer that will leave your cabinet in style for many years to come.

Your Countertops are Tile or Plastic Laminate

Tile or plastic laminate countertops are a clear sign of antiquated kitchen design. These were all the rage in the 1980s, but since then, better options have become available both in terms of functionality and design. While new countertops might be a more significant kitchen remodel expense, they will pay off in the long run.

Get a “new” kitchen with cabinet door replacement in Plainview, NY

If your kitchen is stuck in past decades, don’t hesitate to give it a much needed makeover. Our cabinet door replacement in Plainview, NY is less hassle and costs less than installing new cabinets, resulting in minimal family disruption and money left over to update countertops, backsplash or more. Let our team give you the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of!

Contact the N-Hance team today for cabinet door replacement in Plainview, NY and more!