What Is N-Hance?

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Locally owned and operated by Carole and Michael G., N-Hance Wood Refinishing of Central Nassau County’s cabinet refinishing is a great alternative to traditional kitchen or bathroom remodeling options. Our cabinet refinishing process can transform your home for a fraction of the cost —we’re usually about 25% the cost of cabinet replacing and 1/3 the cost of cabinet refacing.

We aren’t your typical cabinet painting company and we don’t recommend you trust your cabinets to a can of paint from the store. Our advanced cabinet refinishing process offers a more durable & long-lasting, factory-quality finish. You won’t have to deal with chipping, scratches, drips, brush strokes, or fading. Just a durable, rock-hard finish for years to come that is cured instantly using our innovative Lightspeed UV Instant Curing process you won’t find anywhere else.

You also don’t want to spend a fortune on brand new cabinets. We’re confident that our process can give you the look and style you are hoping for. Refinishing your cabinets instead of replacing them leaves you with money left to update appliances, countertops, lighting, backsplash, and more!

We also offer a broad range of customization when it comes to your cabinets. We can not only change the color to those white cabinets you’ve always dreamed of or give you a stylish two-tone look. We can also replace your existing cabinet doors with new, custom doors/drawer fronts of your choosing. On top of that, we can install soft close hinges, replace your current nobs and pulls with something new, and add those custom storage options you’ve always wanted, such as pull out garbage cans or sliding our pantry shelves. The best part is, once we have everything we need, the entire process only takes 3-5 days on average to complete, so there is little downtime and family disruption.

Ready to get started or just want to learn a bit more about what we offer? Reach out via phone or form submission to our friendly team of local experts today to setup a free, no-obligation estimate about your project. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Meet The Owners & Team of N-Hance Wood Refinishing of Central Nassau County

N-Hance Wood Refinishing of Central Nassau County is family-owned and operated by Carole and Michael G. Carole obtained a degree in fashion merchandising and marketing and found herself involved with interior designing and landscaping. She then worked for a kitchen cabinet hardware manufacturer while she and Michael started purchasing, renovating, and selling commercial and residential properties.

After having been involved with approximately 20 renovations, they stumbled upon N-Hance and thought it would be a well-needed service to save homeowners on kitchen renovations!

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