Questions about Cabinet Refinishing

Q. What is the best paint for kitchen cabinets?

A: When painting kitchen cabinets, avoid latex paint. There are few products on the market designed specifically for cabinets. It really is best to leave it up to the professionals.

Q. Is it worth it to reface kitchen cabinets?

A: Depends on the kind of refacing. Typical refacing involves applying adhesive to existing cabinets and then covering cabinets with cheap veneer. It’s not durable and hard to repair. N-Hance hybrid refacing, however, replaces doors and drawer fronts and expertly matches all the fronts.

Q. How much does it cost to paint kitchen cabinets?

A: It depends on your area and kitchen size. Typical cabinet painting can come at a low cost, however, if extensive preparation is not completed, followed by products not made specifically for wood, you could be facing costly results. The average ticket of N-Hance is $5,500.

Q. Is it worth it to refinish kitchen cabinets?

A: Yes! If done properly, refinishing cabinets can bring a high ROI on your home value since it is significantly less money than a full kitchen remodel.

Q. Is it cheaper to refinish or replace cabinets?

A: Refinishing is significantly cheaper than replacing cabinets.

Q. What is the difference between cabinet refacing and refinishing?

A: Refinishing involves changing the finish on wood cabinets. Refacing involves covering cabinets with a veneer or thermofoil material bond by adhesives.

Q. Can I refinish my kitchen cabinets myself?

A: Not easily. Refinishing cabinets involves countless hours of either sanding or harsh chemical, plus curing time. You’re looking at several days, if not weeks of disruption.

Q. What is cabinet refinishing?

A: Cabinet refinishing is stripping off the existing finish of your cabinets and adding a new finish such as stain, paint or other products.

Questions about Floor Refinishing

Q. Will the N-Hance process work on Pre-Finished flooring?

A: We love Pre-Finished or Factory Finished floors. Our process is ideal for this type of flooring.

Q. Will the N-Hance process work on laminate flooring?

A: No, N-Hance specializes in renewing the shine, shield and luster on all wood surfaces. A laminate floor doesn’t qualify. They cannot be refinished with the N-Hance process.

Q. How long does floor refinishing take?

A: Usually your N-Hance technician is in and out of your home or office in a day. In most cases you will have use of your floor within a few hours. Ask your N-Hance representative for details.

Q. I have deep scratches and dings in my floors. Can N-Hance remove those imperfections?

A: The N-Hance proprietary process can repair and camouflage defects in your wood surfaces. The only way to totally remove imperfections is to sand the surface of the wood. This is not dust free, odor free nor convenient.

Q. When is it time to refinish hardwood floors?

A: Approximately every 7 years you will need to refinish your hardwood floors. Other factors, such as pets or water damage, would necessitate refinishing sooner.

Q. How long does it take to refinish hardwood floors?

A: Usually refinishing your hardwood floors means several days of disruption. With N-Hance, downtime is significantly lower due to our Lightspeed technology.

Q. How much does it cost to refinish hardwood floors?

A: Your expenses to refinish hardwood floors depend on a variety of factors. Size of floor, new color, type of wood, etc. Ultimately you will want to consider the quality of the finish and how durable your floors will be.

Q. I have worn and stained areas from my pet, can N-Hance help?

A: In most cases. Many people do not understand that the pads of dog’s feet are like sandpaper. Every time your dog goes from a dead stop to a full run he/she is sanding the surface of your floor with their paws. The N-Hance finish is self leveling and will fill in surface scratches that are created by household pets. Pets must remain off of your new N-Hance finish for a specific amount of time. Ask your N-Hance technician for additional information.

Questions about N-Hance

Q. What is N-Hance Wood Refinishing?

A: N-Hance is a revolutionary process that restores the shine, shield, and luster to household and commercial wood surfaces. Our revolutionary and proprietary finishes are formulated by our own Research & Development team. Our R&D Team continually evaluates, improves, and tests our products to make sure they are category leaders with the industries best finishes.

Q. After the N-Hance process is complete how do I protect my new finish?

A: Your N-Hance technician will talk to you about proper care and maintenance of your new N-Hance finish. Your N-Hance technician will review cleaning instructions, use of furniture pads, pet instructions, and traffic on your new N-Hance finish.

Q. Does N-Hance provide In Home Estimates?

A: Yes, it is important that we understand the scope of work as well as determine what your expectations are. During the estimate, we also provide advice and information on proper wood care. Since your wood floors and cabinets are one of the largest expenses in your home it is important that you understand what the N-Hance process can do. Locate the N-Hance Franchisee in your area to schedule an In-Home Estimate.

Q. What is the N-Hance process?

A: Your N-Hance technician will: Prep and Detail the job site by masking the job site to protect your property. Sweep and vacuum to remove dust from surrounding area. We even remove and clean any heat vents to ensure area is dust free. Patch and fill cracks and gaps. (Not required for all applications.) Hand clean the tight areas. Deep clean the floor surface. Hand Clean cabinet surfaces. Remove contaminants created by the N-Hance deep cleaning process. Fan dry. Burnish before we apply the N-Hance proprietary finish.

Q. What kind of paint does N-Hance use?

A: N-Hance uses proprietary products made specifically for wood. Most cabinet painters use latex paint designed for walls.

Q. How much does N-Hance cost?

A: N-Hance is a budget-friendly option for kitchen remodels and typical floor refinishing. There are a variety of factors that go into a quote. Location, size of project, and services desired just to name a few. Estimates are free!