Floor Refinishing

Choosing the Right Floor Solution

Don’t Replace – Refinish with N-Hance.

N-Hance® floor refinishing services give you a quick, easy, and affordable way to restore the original beauty of your home’s wooden floors.

Our Lightspeed® refinishing process offers several advantages over traditional methods for refinishing hardwood floors. Our process does not generate the usual dust, mess , and odors of traditional refinishing. It also takes a fraction of the time, with most floors refinished in a single day, instead of 3-4+.

In addition to hardwood floors, we can even handle non-sandable flooring like cork, bamboo, and hand-scraped floors.

Explore our floor refinishing services below to find the right choice for your home!

Breathe New Life Into Your Home With N-Hance Wood Floor Refinishing In Utah

Wood floors are a substantial investment in your home. With proper maintenance, wood floors could last a lifetime. Wear and tear will happen, but N-Hance wood floor refinishing in Utah can make them look new again in no time. Our process is different than traditional methods. Faster, more effective, safer, and less expensive, the N-Hance […]

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N-Hance Wood Refinishing Services Of Utah

If you’ve had your wood floors refinished in the past or heard the stories from someone else, you probably aren’t looking forward to having it done any time soon. Traditional floor refinishing is expensive and messy, releasing copious amounts of dust and toxic fumes into the air and making staying home for the next week […]

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Cabinet Door Replacement

Hardwood Restoration

‘s Hardwood Restoration is for a rougher floor with grey to black traffic areas that have really been worn down to the bare wood. The finish may be intact along the perimeter of the room, but the center of the floor is completely worn. Deep impressions and cross grain scratches are visible due to large […]

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Non-Sandable Floor Refinishing

There are many floors that cannot be sanded such as cork, bamboo, some engineered floors, and the increasingly popular hand-scraped or distressed floors. Even with solid wood floors that can be sanded, you can only do it one or two times before you’re down to the tongue and groove. This leaves you searching for ways […]

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Cabinet Door Replacement

Don't Replace, Refinish.

Refinishing your cabinets instead of replacing them leaves you with money left to update:

  • New Appliances
  • New Countertops
  • New Lighting
  • New Backsplash

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