Restore The Beauty Of Your Hardwood Floors In Centerville, Utah

N-Hance hardwood floor restoration of Centerville, UT, offers a new way to revitalize your floors. No more do homeowners need to suffer through long project times, noxious odors, or harmful chemical fumes. We use advanced techniques that are safer, less messy, and allow you to enjoy your beautifully restored floor in a fraction of the time of traditional methods. You’ll also appreciate that our services are less expensive on average. Protect your investment and enhance your property by choosing N-Hance – the best hardwood floor refinishing company in Centerville, UT, and beyond. 

Is It Worth Restoring Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood floors are a considerable investment but generally pay off. The ROI for hardwood floors is in the 70% to 80% range, and one study showed an increase in home resale value by as much as 2.5%. Besides their monetary value, hardwood floors look amazing and enhance the aesthetics of any home. Their longevity is another significant selling point – it will be several decades before hardwood needs to be replaced and 10 to 20 years between refinishing. 

Wood costs more than most other flooring materials but goes the farthest in terms of value. It is absolutely worth it to revitalize them from time to time. Hardwood floors will show signs of wear from several culprits, including foot traffic, pets, temperature, water, furniture, and sunlight. Typically, the finish is the first layer to become degraded, but N-Hance hardwood floor refinishing in Centerville, UT, can return its luster in no time.

Refinishing is needed when your floors have lost that polished look from the factory. There may also be fading, light scratches, and impressions from heavy furniture like refrigerators and pianos. Deep scratches, impressions, gouges, and black or graying will require a complete hardwood floor restoration from our Centerville, UT, technicians. But even the worst damage is almost wholly repaired in one day, sometimes two, if we need to screen and fill gaps or separations in the boards.

N-Hance hardwood floor restoration in Centerville, UT, is done by a process that requires zero sanding, toxic solvents, and minimal downtime. We finish in a fraction of the time it takes contractors using traditional methods, which brings lower costs to homeowners. Almost all of the negative aspects of hardwood floor refinishing in Centerville, UT, are eliminated thanks to our innovative process that includes:

  • Liquid Abrasion Treatment – There is zero sanding required with our hardwood floor refinishing service in Centerville, UT. Instead, we use a liquid abrasion treatment to restore the luster of your beautiful wood floors. This method eliminates the wood dust that has plagued floor refinishing forever. It’s especially perfect for some floors that cannot be sanded, like cork, bamboo, distressed wood, engineered wood, and hardwood floors that have already been sanded down to their tongue and groove. 
  • Lightspeed® – Our Lightspeed ® curing system is behind the fast cycle times that finish restoration projects several times faster than traditional methods. Lightspeed ® uses powerful UV lights instantly cure your floor’s new finish. You won’t need to wait half a week after staining hardwood floors in Centerville, UT, to enjoy them. 

No Mess Or Toxic Fumes

From removing the molding to staining hardwood floors in Centerville, UT, the N-Hance method is much less hassle for homeowners than the traditional process. It is common for families to move out of their homes for a week or longer to have their hardwood floors restored. The sanding puts an immense amount of wood dust into the air that settles into every nook and cranny. It is tough to remove all the dust, and it can cause irritations to the skin and lungs long after the contractors leave. 

Odors from the chemicals used in traditional hardwood floor refinishing will linger for days, sometimes causing annoyance or even headaches. The fumes are toxic and potentially dangerous for small children and adults with health problems. N-Hance hardwood floor restoration of Centerville, UT, has an innovative approach that doesn’t force families to upend their lives. 

The technology we use has been around in the manufacturing, healthcare, and food industries for years. UV lighting to dry and cure materials has revolutionized many sectors and is doing the same for hardwood refinishing and restoration. The technique will someday be viewed as the right way to do the job, but you can enjoy all the benefits now. 

N-Hance Is Better For People And The Environment

Because hardwood is carbon-neutral and harvested in sustainable ways to manufacture flooring products, it’s already an excellent choice for eco-conscious homeowners. Hardwood floors can last a lifetime with the proper care and maintenance, which is why restoring them every 10 to 20 years is worth the cost. When hardwood flooring does need to be replaced, the old wood will not sit in a landfill for eternity like synthetic materials.

The environmental benefits are increased when you choose N-Hance to handle your hardwood floor restoration in Centerville, UT. The water-based solvents we use in the refinishing process are much less detrimental and are safer than the harsh chemicals used in traditional hardwood floor restoration. We have developed a process that burns fewer fossil fuels and releases fewer greenhouse gasses. Additionally, for every hardwood floor we refinish, we plant a tree to improve air quality in the local area. 

N-Hance has been one of the six fastest-growing franchises in the country for the last two years. The uniqueness of our service is quickly expanding from being a niche service into becoming the standard practice for restoring hardwood floors. As we grow, N-Hance is increasing the home improvement industry’s positive impact on people’s health and the environment.

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N-Hance offers an innovative solution to hardwood floor restoration in Centerville, UT. No sanding, no harmful fumes, and projects done in a fraction of the time are why we’ve grown so quickly. Our services are also less expensive than traditional methods. We refinish hardwood floors the right way. You get less hassle out of the experience and help spread an environmentally sustainable practice simultaneously. Call N-Hance of Centerville, Utah, today for a free estimate at (385) 425-4994.

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