Hardwood Floors Deserve A Beautiful Restoration

Hardwood floors are one of the best investments you can put into a home. Their beauty and durability enhance residents’ quality of life and increase property value. As tough as classic hardwood floors are, they still suffer some abuse that shows over time. Pet nail scratches, warping, and heavy foot traffic can beat your floor up, but they deserve proper remediation. N-Hance hardwood floor restoration of Salt Lake City, UT, will have them looking great again in minimal time. Protect your investment and breathe new life into your home with the best wood refinishing company in the nation.

How Do You Revive Hardwood Floors?

There is a bit of a difference between restoring and refinishing hardwood floors, though the terms are widely used interchangeably. N-Hance does everything from staining hardwood floors in Salt Lake City, UT, to a complete restoration project that will care for any creaks, scratches, or fading accumulated over the years. 

For hardwood floor refinishing in Salt Lake City, UT, you’ll appreciate our innovative process that takes less than a day (for most floors) and requires zero sanding. Typically, refinishing hardwood floors is for light wear from feet and furniture and sun fading. But N-Hance hardwood floor refinishing in Salt Lake City, UT, can bring the luster back due to more significant damage, including deep scratches and gouges.

Our services for hardwood floor restoration in Salt Lake City, UT, are for the roughest of floors worn down to the bare wood. You likely need restoration if you have black or grey areas caused by heavy foot traffic or deep scratches and impressions. The impressions are generally most notable wherever heavy furniture sat or moved, like pianos and refrigerators. 

Water damage is something that often requires our hardwood floor restoration in Salt Lake City, UT, services. Depending on the extent of the damage, an N-Hance technician may need to screen and fill your hardwood floor, which may require an additional day for the entire project to be finished. Our process is still much faster than any other company for hardwood floor restoration in Salt Lake City, UT, because of our advanced technologies and methods, including:

  • Zero Sanding – Our hardwood floor refinishing in Salt Lake City, UT, is unique because we don’t have to sand. We use a liquid abrasion treatment that eliminates the need for a drum sander. Deep stains, scratches, or gaps are screened and filled. This means less time, less money, and less mess.
  • Lightspeed ® UV System – After applying a safe, water-based finish, our N-Hance technicians in Salt Lake City, UT, will cure it using a proprietary system called Lightspeed ®. UV lights help it cure faster, so you can enjoy your reinvigorated floors immediately. 

Minimize Downtime And Dangers With N-Hance 

Homeowners have every reason to choose N-Hance for their hardwood floor restoration in Salt Lake City, UT. Not only do our expert technicians flawlessly execute every refinishing or restoration project, but they also have the tools to make the process faster and safer for you and your family. Our blend of innovative technologies and methods has made N-Hance the leading wood refinishing company in the nation and brings the same standard of quality to you in Salt Lake City.

Innovative solutions like the Lightspeed ® UV system reduce cycle times, saving you money in the long run. N-Hance can finish a restoration project in a fraction of the time it takes other contractors. Other methods we use eliminate the mess and health hazards of wood dust, chemical fumes, and stubborn odors. Even with hardwood floors in terrible shape, N-Hance finishes every project within 1-2 days.

Wood Refinishing Done Right

N-Hance is one of the fastest-growing franchises in the country because of our unique solutions. Refinishing and restoring hardwood floors has always been dreaded by homeowners because of the length of time and the mess it brings. Wood dust is tough to capture completely inside a home, and toxic fumes or odors will linger for days. It’s not uncommon for people to vacate their homes for days at a time when utilizing the traditional methods of wood refinishing. 

N-Hance brings a unique approach that eliminates hassles and enhances the quality of hardwood floor restoration. For hardwood floor restoration in Salt Lake City, UT, you can trust you’re getting a value and level of workmanship that won’t be found anywhere else. Our methods are comprehensive from start to end. Stripping old coatings, fully repairing damaged areas, and leaving an elegant finish are all done in less time, leading to lower costs and immediate enjoyment of the result. We revitalize hardwood floors in a unique way that is increasingly becoming recognized as the right way. 

Free Estimate

Contact N-Hance for a free estimate of your hardwood floor restoration in Salt Lake City, UT. We perform a full-service restoration on hardwood floors at a fraction of the time it takes other contractors and without the mess or toxic fumes. Enjoy your revitalized floor and home faster and at a lower cost. Your hardwood floors are a valuable asset that makes your property more enjoyable and worthwhile. Invest in their longevity the right way with the unique solutions of the best hardwood floor refinishing company in Salt Lake City, UT, by calling (385) 425-4994.

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