N-Hance Revolutionary Wood Floor Refinishing In Centerville, UT

There is a new way to do wood floor refinishing in Centerville, UT, that is quickly becoming known as the right way. N-Hance has revolutionized the process, using advanced technology to cut down the time and money homeowners spend on traditional floor refinishing in Centerville, UT. The N-Hance way is faster and less expensive. It’s also safer for people and the environment and puts less strain on families.

The N-Hance floor refinishing service in Centerville, UT, uses no sanding or toxic fumes to chase you out of your home. Yet, our method will turn back the clock on scuffs, scratches, and discolorations to your hardwood floors, bringing them back to factory condition in no time. See the difference for yourself by calling N-Hance of Centerville at (385) 425-4994.

How Long Do Refinished Floors Last?

Homeowners should look for a wood floor refinishing service in Centerville, UT, every two to seven years. Wood floors are an excellent investment in your property, adding style and functionality that can last for several decades. With one of the highest ROIs of any home improvement project, eliminating the signs of wear and tear from foot traffic, heavy furniture and appliances, and the sun’s UV rays will keep your wood floors looking new.

One of the problems with traditional wood floor refinishing in Centerville, UT, is that it can only be done a few times before they’ve been sanded down to the tongue and grooves. The N-Hance method is revolutionary, significantly extending the lifespan of your investment:

  • Zero Sanding – We use a chemical abrasion treatment method that eliminates the need for a drum sander.

The chemical abrasion can be used on all types of wood floors, including those that cannot be sanded:

  • Cork
  • Bamboo
  • Engineered Wood
  • Hand-Scraped Floors
  • Wood Floors That Have Already Been Sanded Down To Their Tongue And Groove

Spend Less Time And Money With Floor Refinishing In Centerville, UT

The N-Hance floor refinishing service of Centerville, UT, can finish removing signs of wear to your wood floors in as little as 24 hours. Compare that to the typical six to eight days it takes with traditional methods. Less time equals significantly less money to homeowners, and you can begin enjoying your refinished hardwood floors immediately.

It’s all thanks to our Lightspeed ® Instant-Cure Wood Refinishing process. The technology behind Lightspeed ® is powerful ultraviolet (UV) lights that drastically reduce drying and curing times. Space, health, and food industries have used UV lighting for years, but N-Hance is one of the first to bring it to the home improvement space.

Lightspeed ® is more efficient and effective than traditional wood floor refinishing in Centerville, Utah. It leaves a long-lasting and durable finish on your hardwood floors that is resistant to scratching and staining.

There are fewer disruptions to your household with our Lightspeed ® process. Zero sanding eliminates the hard-to-clean mess of traditional methods, while UV curing leaves minimal odors compared to weeks of persistent toxic fumes.

Refinishing Vs. Wood Floor Restoration In Centerville, UT

The N-Hance process can also be used for a complete wood floor restoration in Centerville, UT. Restoration is for floors that have more extensive damage than those needing refinishing. Dark grey and black wood floors, deep scratches and gouges from foot traffic or heavy appliances, ample discoloration from the sun, and water damage could require the restorative services of N-Hance.

N-Hance wood floor restoration in Centerville, UT, may require more than 24 hours if our technician needs to screen and fill your wood floors. However, we still take less time on average than contractors using traditional methods. You’ll have beautifully restored wood floors in no time when you choose the advanced and effective N-Hance method.

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N-Hance has brought technology to wood floor refinishing in Centerville, UT, and the results are revolutionary. We have drastically reduced the time and cost of traditional refinishing methods, eliminating disruptions to homes like sanding and toxic fumes. With our advanced techniques, you can have your wood floors refinished or restored in as little as one day.

Chemical abrasion is perfect for all types of wood floors, especially those that cannot be sanded. Lightspeed ® instant curing leaves a durable finish that resists scratching and staining. N-Hance does wood floor refinishing in Centerville, Utah, the right way. It’s the beauty and durability you dream of at the price and convenience you never thought possible. Schedule a free estimate today by calling (385) 425-4994.

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