If you’re fortunate enough to have beautiful hardwood floors in your home, you probably recognize the value in having them refinished periodically.

Maybe you want to restore the existing color of your floors, or go for an entirely new shade. Whatever you ultimate goal, choosing the right stain for your wood floors is essential.

Here are a few key tips to use before embarking on your next wood floor refinishing project to make sure the stain you choose is perfect.

First, Determine If Your Wood Floors Should Be Stained

Start by determining what type of wood your floors are made of. For some types of wood, leaving them natural and simply putting a protective finish on top may be best, while for others, certain shades may compliment the wood well.

A lot of stains out there are designed to mimic the natural look of cherry, walnut, maple, and mahogany wood floors. If you have this type of wood, you may want to preserve its natural beauty with hardwood refinishing and not change the appearance with a stain.

Wood floors made out of materials like red or white oak take stains quite well. Take note that these types of wood tend to pull a warmer tone over time, so you may want to choose a cooler stain to neutralize it.

Finally, if your floors are significantly damaged with water or pet urine spots, you may consider choosing a dark stain in the refinishing process to make the damage less visible.

Choosing The Perfect Wood Floor Stain

Once you’ve determined that your wood floors are good candidates for refinishing, it’s time to choose your stain!

Pinpoint your style and start by gathering design ideas from magazines or Pinterest. Warm shades are typically seen more in traditional or rustic interiors, while cool, dark stains that add bold contrast are more commonly used in modern designs.

Also think about the size of the room. Lighter stains open up small rooms, brighten a space, and better hide dust, pet hair, and crumbs. Deeper, dark stains work well in larger rooms, add contrast against lighter walls, and make area rugs pop.

Once you’ve determined the color you’re going for, talk to your local N-Hance professionals. We can help determine which stain will appear the color you want on your specific type of wood.

Test The Stain On Your Wood Floor

Once you’ve chosen you final option—or at least narrowed it down to a few—test the stain directly on your wood floor or on a sample piece that matches to make sure you like how it looks in various lighting.

Wood Floor Refinishing In Hilton Head, South Carolina

N-Hance of Lowcountry can help you throughout the entire wood refinishing process—from determining your needs to choosing your stain and refinishing your wood floors. Our team will be there from start to finish and deliver the results you dream of.

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