If you like your house or business  design and lay out, but you’re ready for some changes to be made.  After years of just normal living there are signs of wear and tear on most wood floors and cabinets. Plus  colors and styles change over the years.

You don’t want any huge messes or weeks of disruptions to do a remodel. Plus you’re concerned about the toxic fumes and dust around your family, pets, employees and clients.  And  there are always the costs involved to fit into the budget.

No Dust. No Mess. No Odor.®

You can change color of any of your wood cabinets in your kitchen, bathroom or even in your business.  Cabinet Color Changes will give your space a dramatic visual change without the cost or hassles of replacing your cabinets.  You’ll feel like you’re in a whole new place.

Please call  (858) 748-1734  for the N-Hance team in  Poway, CA  to discuss your options.  Service estimates are free.

N-Hance is a wonderful option!