You have might your Grandmother’s antiques that are just sitting around in the attic? You can’t part with them, but there’s no way you want use them.

Maybe you have piece of furniture that you’ve had for a long time and it looks used, but you spent lots of money on it and you love it. You want to keep it.

You can save yourself  money if you chose to renew that furniture rather than replacing it. Besides the money, you save natural resources by cleaning, repairing and renewing your furniture rather than replacing it with another piece of wood furniture.

Furniture before & after

N-Hance can take your family antiques and make them family treasures.  These will be the pieces of furniture that are passed down for generations.

N-Hance will clean, repair and renew wood before damage happens, as well as taking pieces that need some  extra care and return it to a near new beauty.

Please call  858-748-1734  to talk to an N-Hance expert in Poway, CA.  They can give you great information on what your options are.