N-Hance Revolutionary Wood Renewal provides helpful tips to homeowners

Logan, UT – Home improvement projects are a great way to add value to your home.  One way to dramatically transform the look and feel of a room is through wood renewal processes that enhance the beauty of your existing wood floor by utilizing advanced chemical abrasion and buffer techniques. Wood floors fade over time and can become scratched and dirty and replacing them can be a costly and dirty job.  It can also take days or even weeks to accomplish.

A cost effective, quick and clean alternative to wood floor replacement is wood renewal of your existing wood floors.  Popular colors today include walnut or cherry tones.  N-Hance Revolutionary Wood Renewal, the former subsidiary and current trusted partner of The Home Depot for wood refinishing/renewal of kitchen cabinets and wood floors, has come up with some tips for homeowners who plan to have their wood floors renewed.
•    First 24 hours – Stay off the floor.  This is a critical time for the cure to initially set.  Don’t walk on the floor until the cure has hardened.  For rooms without doors consider putting up a baby or pet gate to remind family members to stay off the floor and deter pets from entering.
•    2 – 4 days – Sock hop it.  Give the new floors a rest and forbid the wearing of shoes when walking on them.  
•    First two weeks – Don’t clean your floor.  It is tempting to want to clean your new floor but it needs that much time to get a full cure.  
“Martha Stewart says to use a paste wax to clean your new wood floors but this is wrong,” said Dave Murphy, Training Department Manager at N-Hance. “Don’t use paste waxes or any cleaners with polyurethane in them.  
Instead, Murphy recommends that after the first two weeks the wood has been renewed homeowners mop once a week with a basic wood cleaner and water.  He also suggests buying a small gym floor dust mop to sweep the floor every other day.
“Following these tips can help protect your new floor,” added Murphy.  “With proper maintenance the floor can retain its beauty for years to come.”