N-Hance is excited to announce the release the new Project Planning Guide to help clients plan their summer remodel projects! Your cabinet or floor refinishing is a breeze with N-Hance. This guide is full of information and colorful photos to walk you through your home or business design plans to insure the best possible results.

Every step of the installation of your N-Hance updated look is explained. This takes the guess work out of what to expect when you choose N-Hance to give you the new and beautiful look you desire, and you’ll have complete confidence knowing what the N-Hance friendly professionals will be doing for your home or business.

All of N-Hance’s renewal options are explained with illustrations of the choices available.   You can choose from a wide variety of colors, finishes, sheen and see options of hardware and decorative embellishments that will suit your taste and lifestyle.

You can also read about the care and maintenance of your new up-dated look to keep your wood floors, cabinets, trims and furniture looking fabulous longer.

Please call your local N-Hance team in Poway, California at  (858)748-1734  for your  N-Hance guide to explain all your options to a  beautiful new up-date for your  in-door woods.