N-Hance of San Marcos, California has a wonderful revolutionary wood renewal system with no dust, mess or harmful fumes that is traditionally connected with wood refinishing.  N-Hance is a great alternative to the traditional refinishing process.  Many jobs are finished in just 3-5 days, saving you valuable time and money.

N-Hance wood renewal of San Marcos, California uses only gentle products and services to clean, repair, and renew all your wood floors, cabinets, trims and furniture to their near original beauty.

N-Hance Revolutionary Wood Refinishing of San Marcos, California can up-date your home or business with a new time and cost effective system as it add life and luster to your wood floor & cabinets. Many jobs are complete in just one day, many taking only 3-5 days, saving valuable time and money over traditional remodeling methods.


Please call 858-748-1734 for the N-Hance in San Marcos, California  more details and for an in-home service estimates. You will be amazed what a few short days can do for the looks of your home or business.

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