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Do-it-yourself projects can be a fun way to get creative, but we have all experienced a Pinterest fail or two.  When it comes to certain projects, sometimes it is just best to have a professional on your side.  Cabinet refacing & staining are two big projects that N-Hance of Northwest Indianapolis can help you tackle!

Downfalls of DIY Cabinet Staining 

It may seem easy enough to search up a YouTube video on how to stain your kitchen cabinets, but cabinet refacing is actually a rather complex process that requires thorough execution to make sure it is done correctly.  With a project this big, a small mistake or a skipped step could end up costing you both time and money.

Unfortunately finding the right stain for your cabinets isn’t always as simple as choosing a color out of a catalog of sample colors.  Each specific type of wood pulls a different color from the same stain when applied.  There are also other factors such as lighting and how the cabinets are cleaned and treated that can impact the color.

Luckily, our N-Hance cabinet refacing specialists know exactly what shade from our hundreds of custom color options will yield the exact result you are looking for.  Just show us your inspiration photo and we can deliver the color you are dreaming of. 

Something else to consider is the time it takes to complete a big project like cabinet refacing.  It is so important to not cut corners at any stage.  N-Hance of Northwest Indianapolis properly cleans, treats, and prepares your cabinets before applying the stain to make sure the color and finish go on smoothly.

N-Hance knows how to handle the chemicals and fumes associated with the cabinet refacing process so that the exposure and risk in your home are limited.  Our cabinet refacing process is virtually dust and odor-free and emits low VOCs in your home.

We know your time is valuable, don’t waste it taking on another expensive project that will require your full time and attention.  The professionals at N-Hance of Northwest Indianapolis will bring your dream kitchen to life for less time and less stress.

Cabinet Refacing In Castleton

Cabinet staining and refacing are jobs best left to the pros.  We promise you will love the results & enjoy your updated kitchen for decades to come! 

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