Does your kitchen need updating? If you paint your cabinets, do they look as good as new cabinets?

N-Hance Paramus’s cabinet painting experts can transform your kitchen cabinets or bath vanity.  

N-Hance Paramus is one of a few professional residential painting companies that use products designed for cabinets. Rather than products designed for a wall.  We spray our finishes for a smooth, professional look, and to avoid  brushstrokes. roller marks and drips. These are the classic signs of DIY or amateur painters’ work.  N-Hance Paramus’s results are professional with a  truly gorgeous factory finish.  Your kitchen cabinets will look new again!

Some of N-Hance Paramus’s cabinet painting questions:

Q. I have oak cabinets that are really grainy.  Can they look smooth?

A.  Yes!  N-Hance Paramus has products that help remove heavy grain. If you would like to see a sample we can bring one to your estimate.

Q. How long does it take to get professional painted cabinets?

A.  Less time than DIY! N-Hance Paramus/s finishes dry fast  –  most kitchens are complete in around 5 days!  

Q. Is there a lot of dust and a huge mess?

A.  Having your cabinets refinished or professionally painted by N-Hance Paramus minimizes the dust and mess unlike DYI and amatures. We mask off our spaces to keep your home clean.

Q.  How durable is the finish?

A.  N-Hance Paramus uses products designed for cabinets and not walls.Our top-coat is an additional layer that protects your cabinets. 

Q.  What does having my cabinets painted by N-Hance Paramus include?

A. With N-Hance Paramus you can have your cabinets refinished, stained, or professional painted. You can pick any color, and we have multiple sheens for our finish coats. If you want a glazed or antiqued look, we can do that too. You can also pick new hinges, knobs and pulls to give your kitchen a more updated look.

If you are ready to get a professional cabinet painting bid or estimate from  N-Hance Paramus, please give us a call at 201-612-9663. We will have you send us photos of your kitchen and give you a free virtual or in-home estimate!