Cabinet Painting Franklin Lakes NJ

Cabinet Painting Franklin Lakes NJ

If you’re among one of the many people who is truly trying to find the best cabinet painting Franklin Lakes NJ provides, you’re in luck! N-Hance has engineered a system that is a bit like cabinet painting, using our opaque finishes. It’s an extraordinary procedure that cuts rates and extends the life of those fabulous sections that do a great job at tying your home together!

Rethink Refinishing

If you cherish your old cabinets but you notice that they are beginning to appear scratched and chipped from years and years of use, N-Hance cabinet renewal is a wonderful option to decide on. With renewal, N-Hance wholly revitalizes the appearance of the cabinets without the frustrations of typical wood refinishing. Furthermore, it can be offered at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods – with the majority of jobs finished in just one or two days. This practice will extend the life and luster of your cabinets in both the short and long run.

Painted Kitchen Cabinets in Franklin Lakes: Is it the Best Option?

The big question to consider is if you actually need a service like the painted kitchen cabinets Franklin Lakes can offer. While it may be true that this is an increasingly popular replacement for completely replacing your kitchen cabinets, there can be some cons. This is especially true when you decide to perform this yourself, which could result in a week’s worth or more. Furthermore, dust can quickly accumulate, giving you a greater mess than you initially wanted. The problem with just painting your kitchen cabinets is the question of quality, as well as how long the paint will last.

If you’re looking to change the color of your cabinets (whether it’s a cool blue, or trendy white), make sure you take advantage of our Opaque Finishes. This will leave your kitchen completely revitalized, and the best part is that, when compared to cabinet refacing or replacement, it’s a small portion of the cost. You’ll have limitless options, when you combine the variety of colors we have available with the various finishing techniques we use! Click the following link for more information about our Opaque Finishes.

Here at N-Hance, we understand the best strategies needed to renew and revitalize your home. With our process, you can feel comfortable knowing that there will be no dust, mess or odor and in many cases the job can be completed in just one day! You will love the exceptional results. Give us a call today at 201-612-9663!

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