Color Trends for 2021

Kitchen design trends come and go. What used to be popular in your grandmother’s kitchen has made a reemergence. Before we look at kitchen cabinet colors for 2021, let’s delve a bit into the past.

Kitchen Cabinet Colors from Past Decades

In the 1940’s kitchen cabinets we often painted white. This trend is back and doesn’t look like it is going anywhere! Now on the other hand, in the 1950s and the 1960’s kitchen cabinets were in bright colors and even pastels. You would see cabinets in pink, yellow, and there were even appliances that matched! Appliances in bright colors have gained popularity again! By the late 60’s kitchen cabinets came in orange and green.The 1970’s brought in more earth tones such as dark brown, gold, and the infamous avocado green. Once we got to the 1980’s wood tone cabinets were all the rage. This trend stayed until white cabinets came back into style.

Today’s Cabinet Colors

Now kitchens are trending toward light and bright with maybe a pop of color. The most popular is white or even light gray.  Another trend is two-toned cabinets in navy, light gray or light green for base cabinets, and white or neutral for wall cabinets. Open shelves are also becoming more popular. This helps open up smaller spaces.

2021 Color Trends

Now that we are well into 2021, white is still the favorite kitchen cabinet color. Two-toned cabinets are also very popular in blue, gray, and green. Light and dark gray kitchen cabinets, as well as black are also popular. The top trend in kitchen design is still the use of white painted cabinets. It is a solid choice that isn’t going to change anytime soon. White opens up your space.

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