Getting your kitchen cabinets painted by a professional is an easy way to transform your kitchen into a more modern look. You can do it yourself, but to get your kitchen cabinets to look professional it is best to hire a professional cabinet painting company such as N-Hance Paramus. 

Here are some common methods used for professional cabinet painting:

Using a Paintbrush:

Using a paintbrush takes the longers, and often yield a poor result. N-Hance Paramus does not recommend this method for professional cabinet painting. You will see brush strokes on the boxes and on the doors. Brush strokes are not desirable for a professional cabinet painting job like N-Hance Paramus does. What you want is a nice even color and finish that looks like it is right out of the factory. 

Using a Spray Gun:

Using a spray gun is the fastest and best way to paint your cabinets because it gives you the best finish. There are no brush strokes from a paintbrush. N-Hance Paramus and all professional cabinet painters use a spray gun. This method requires more time initially with masking the boxes, but both the color coat and the finish top coat will be nice and smooth. 

Using a Roller:

Most professional cabinet painters use a roller in addition to a spray gun. This is especially true for oak cabinets with lots of texture. The roller helps get the primer into any holes and helps give a smooth finish. A roller is often used on boxes as well and gives a nice uniform smoothness and color. In this application, the finish coat is almost always sprayed if done by a professional cabinet painter. N-Hance Paramus will use a roller on certain species of wood.

If you are ready to get a professional cabinet painting bid or estimate from  N-Hance Paramus, please give us a call at 201-612-9663. We will have you send us photos of your kitchen and give you a free virtual or in-home estimate!