When it comes to wanting to improve the value of a home, professionally remodeling your kitchen is one of the most ideal ways to go. You might be ready for a change, or maybe the time has come for a new kitchen, but the funds aren’t quite there. That is where cabinet door replacement and cabinet refacing comes in. Cabinet Door Replacement and Refacing are very similar. Refacing is essentially replacing the doors and putting a cabinets skins on the boxes. Cabinet Door Replacement will replace the cabinet doors and match them to your cabinet boxes. Not only is this more affordable, but easier as well.

Why chose Cabinet Door Replacement or Refacing with N-Hance Paramus and what is it?

Cabinet Door Replacement or Refacing is something that should be done when you want to change the look of a cabinet without breaking the bank. Cabinet Door Replacement or Refacing a cabinet is simply the process of ordering new wood cabinet doors and either matching the boxes (Cabinet Door Replacement) by refinishing them or painting, or putting new material overtop the existing cabinet frames (Refacing). This is effective because it is a smaller project and cheaper than ripping out old cabinets and putting complete new ones in. Home advisor suggested cabinet refacing because it is 30% to 50% less expensive than a full cabinet replacement. Cabinet Door Replacement is even less expensive than Refacing and is what N-Hance Paramus offers! This percentage can make a huge difference when it comes to saving money.

With this money being saved there is room to splurge on the rest of the kitchen. This gives you the opportunity to go all out and get the backsplash put in you’ve been waiting for, appliances, or get the new barstool chairs you’ve been eyeing..

Cabinet Door Replacement is a good choice because it takes less time and it is more convenient. The process we use at N-Hance Paramus, relies on Lightspeed® Instant-Cure Wood Refinishing. This dries quickly and has almost no odor, making the job quicker than traditional cabinet refacing. This way you can get the kitchen you want quickly and done right.

How to Save Even More Money with Cabinet Door Replacement or Refacing…

As there is with most big changes, there are still some negatives to cabinet refacing. Cabinet Door Replacement would be a better fit in this scenario. As an example if you are someone with a more vintage home and have original wood cabinets and you use low quality materials to reface, the value of your home could decrease in the long run. Rather than doing traditional cabinet refacing and shortening the lifespan of the cabinets, you should look into a more cost effective approach of Cabinet Door Replacement.

At N-Hance Paramus, we take an easier and more affordable approach, one that gives your kitchen a whole new look, without compensating on the quality. With the cabinet refacing services we offer (Cabinet Door Replacement)  you get complete new cabinet doors and drawer faces. We will not just put low quality veneers on the boxes, we will refinish them so that everything goes together. Quality and customer satisfaction will always be what we strive for.

Traditional Cabinet Refacing can range from $10,000 to $15,000 whereas at N-Hance Paramus we will customize, update, and upgrade them for a much more economical price giving you room to redo your floors or get those new appliances you have been holding off.

Cabinet Door Replacement with N-Hance Paramus is Healthier for your Home

With the cabinet refacing process we do at N-Hance Paramus (Cabinet Door Replacement), you are choosing a much healthier option than the traditional ways. With our new Lightspeed Plus antimicrobial UV finish the growth of bacteria is cut down by 99%. Our process also does not result in lots of dust on your cabinets, our high performance water-based polyurethane finishes have far fewer Volatile Organic Compounds. With this all being said, don’t hesitate to try us out, and give us a call.

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* Based on results from an independent lab using Lightspeed Plus™ antimicrobial U.V. finish.