Pros and Cons of Refacing Kitchen Cabinets with N-Hance Paramus

Mom and daughter in white kitchen

Cabinet refacing with N-Hance Paramus has many advantages. If you are thinking of changing the look of your kitchen, it is a good idea to consider the pros and cons. 

The pros of refacing kitchen cabinets with N-Hance Paramus:

  • Cabinet refacing with N-Hance Paramus keeps your current kitchen’s layout: If you like your current kitchen layout, and it meets your needs, refacing with N-Hance Paramus is a great option.
  • Kitchen cabinet style options with N-Hance Paramus: Refacing with N-Hance Paramus provides many style options for cabinet door and drawer fronts.
  • Cost-effectiveness of refacing vs replacement with N-Hance Paramus: Refacing your cabinet doors and drawer fronts with N-Hance Paramus provide a brand new look for a fraction of the cost of new custom cabinets.
  • Eco-friendly remodeling with N-Hance Paramus: Refacing with N-Hance Paramus offers a more environmentally friendly option  than replacement. N-Hance Paramus eliminates the disposal of cabinet boxes into landfills. Not only that, for every kitchen N-Hance Paramus refaces we plant one tree with American Forests!

The Cons of Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

  • Keeping your current layout: If your current kitchen layout isn’t what you want, cabinet refacing with N-Hance Paramus will not fix this problem. 
  • Boxes are too damaged: If your current cabinet boxes are too damaged and you want them replaced, kitchen cabinet refacing is not the best option. 

Cost of Refinishing Cabinets Vs. Refacing

If you are wondering the difference between refinishing, refacing, or replacing your cabinets, you are not alone! Refinishing your existing kitchen cabinets is the most economical service we offer. While kitchen cabinet refacing cost more than refinishing, it is still much more economical than replacing your cabinets! If you would like to learn more about kitchen cabinet racing with N-Hance Paramus, call us at 201-612-9663 to learn more!