Is it time to update your kitchen, but you don’t have a big budget? N-Hance Paramus’s Cabinet Painting can give you an updated look in a budget you will love. If you are located in Paramus or the surrounding area, we can update your cabinets in a budget-friendly way.

Painting your kitchen cabinets can completely change the look and style of your kitchen in a relatively short amount of time. With the money you save over replacing your kitchen cabinets you can add in new hardware, get new countertops, and even get new appliances. All for a fraction of the price of a complete remodel.

Now that you are thinking of updating your cabinets, you should realize that not all companies are created equal. N-Hance Paramus does things differently from traditional cabinet painting companies. 

Deep Clean and Prep

Most traditional cabinet painters don’t clean and degrease your cabinets, or they don’t do it thoroughly. When this step is skipped you will often see paint that doesn’t stick to the cabinets and starts to peel or scratch easily. 

N-Hance Paramus takes this step very seriously. We use our proprietary products to eliminate the dirt, oils, grease, and other buildup on your cabinets. This ensures that your cabinets will not peel or chip. 


N-Hance Paramus uses a specialized primer that ensures strong adhesion of the paint to your cabinets, and minimizes anything in the wood bleeding through. This primer allows us to give you a factory-like finish once we’re done painting your cabinets. 


N-Hance Paramus uses a specially formulated acrylic polyurethane blend that provides a stronger finish. We apply multiple light coats to give a smooth finish that lasts longer and offers scratch and chip resistance. When picking out your new cabinet color, you can explore the N-Hance Paramus Color Palette, or pick a sample and we can match. 

Ready to update your cabinets? To find out more about our cabinet painting process, or schedule a FREE estimate, call us at 201-612-9663.