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NHance: Think again about a costly Bergen County Cabinet Refacing

Years of exposure to the moisture and grease in your kitchen have diminished the beauty and radiance of your cabinets. Their previously lustrous wooden surfaces now look dull and lifeless, and their original radiance is nowhere to be found under layers of accumulated grime, scratches, and water damage. Their deplorable state drains the warmth and energy of your kitchen and fills it with a dreary sense of despondency and age instead. Nevertheless, there is no reason for you to spend so much on a Bergen County Cabinet Refacing right away, especially when NHance offers a Cabinet Renewal Service that can do wonders for your cabinets.

Don’t pay so much money and spend so much time on a Bergen County Cabinet Refacing when NHance’s Cabinet Renewal is a much more viable alternative

A Bergen County Cabinet Refacing might cost much less than a complete cabinet replacement, but you are still looking at a price tag of several thousand dollars for a new set of upper end cabinet doors and drawer fronts. Even a reasonably modest set of cabinet components would still cost you many hundreds of dollars. On top of all these expenses, you will also have to hire a craftsman if you don’t have the necessary skill and knowledge to reface your cabinets by yourself. Why put your budget and your patience under such strain when NHance’s cabinet renewal service can save you all this tedium and expense?

NHance’s Cabinet Renewal is more economical and efficient than a Bergen County Cabinet Refacing in every way

NHance’s Basic Cabinet Renewal service is much less expensive than a cabinet refacing, requires at most two days to complete, and leaves behind no mess for you to clean up. During the process, our highly skilled craftsmen will cleanse accumulated grime and strip any old coatings from the wooden surfaces of your cabinets. After repairing the damaged areas, they will perform an elegant touch up that will lengthen the lifespan of your cabinets and restore them to their original luster and brilliance. By the time our craftsmen have finished their work, your cabinets will have their former beauty back, so that they can light up your kitchen once again.

Count on NHance to renew your Cabinets instead of a Bergen County Cabinet Refacing!

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