Are you wondering what the steps are to get your cabinets professional painted? With N-Hance Paramus it is easier than you think to get professional results. 

Here are N-Hance Paramus steps for professional cabinet painting:

Step 1: Clean and prepare the cabinets – This is a very important step to ensure adhesion of the paint and to avoid chipping, peeling, or scratching. N-Hance Paramus removes all debris, grease, and dirt from the cabinets.

Step 2: Prime the cabinets – Any professional cabinet painter knows that priming the cabinets not only helps the paint stick to the cabinet drawers, doors, and boxes, but it protects the cabinets from any color bleed through. N-Hance Paramus will use primer when it is necessary to ensure durability.

Step 2: Add the color coats – N-Hance Paramus applies multiple even coats of paint with a sprayer and we start layering it. These thin coats of color gives the cabinet paint extra strength and allows us to not have drips or blemishes.  

Step 3: Add the finish coat – The finish coat protects your cabinets from daily wear and tear. It encapsulates the color coat and protects it. Not everyone who claims they are a professional cabinet painter does this step so it is important that you ask about this. N-Hance Paramus always adds a finish coat when we paint kitchen cabinets.

Step 4: Attach the hardware – N-Hance Paramus’s finish coat is cured with a U.V. light which allows us to attach the hardware immediately. Not only is this super convenient, but it is super durable as well.

Step 5: Have you inspect your kitchen – Because N-Hance Paramus are professionals, we have you inspect your cabinets before we leave. We take customer satisfaction very seriously and want you to be happy with your kitchen.  

If you are ready to get a professional cabinet painting bid or estimate from  N-Hance Paramus, please give us a call at 201-612-9663. We will have you send us photos of your kitchen and give you a free virtual or in-home estimate!