Are your wood floors scratched and dull? Revive them without sanding with N-Hance Paramus!

N-Hance Paramus can renew your wood floor with our Classic Refinish service in less time and expense than sanding or replacing your hardwood floor. If your wood floor is still in great shape the finish coat can be screened and recoated with a new coat of durable finish.

What exactly is screening a floor?

The finish on hardwood floors can lose its luster and look dull. Most homeowners think the obvious solution is to have the wood floor sanded down to the raw wood. Once it is sanded down it can then be restained and recoated with a new coat of finish to complete the refinish. What they homeowners do not know is that sanding is not always required. Every time you sand a floor down to bare wood, you remove some of the wood. After you sand the floor a few times you must replace it.

Wood floors are protected by a finish coat. This finish, or topcoat, often becomes dull and scratched. The homeowner can have a Classic Refinishing service, or a buff and coat service from N-Hance Paramus and prolong the time when their floor needs to be sanded. The Classic Refinishing Service from N-Hance Paramus takes less time and is less expensive than sanding or replacing.

When the Classic Refinish isn’t the best option.

If your wood floors have deep scratches, or scratches that cross the wood grain you might be happier with our Hardwood Restoration or Sanding service. These services are for hardwood floors that have more damage and need a little more TLC.

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